My First Growth Hacking Strategy Worked


We ( just got featured on blog;

I launched the blog two months ago and it’s been an awesome experience, bootstrapping a blog from scratch, seeing the traffic grow organically and looking forward to turning the platform to a full startup next year, all thanks to my partner who is dietician and nutritionist.

monetization ideas are welcome.


What was the growth hacking that worked?




Getting featured on a high traffic platform.


Are you expecting me to mention one magic?


Possible to share the actual growth Hacking strategy after sharing the success story?


Well, for me, getting recognition from notable media sites is only PART of the growth strategy. It is not the goal.

The goal will be the growth gained from this.
If you are tracking unique visitors per month, or average visits per month and this helped you increase by 100% month on month, then this will be a success story.

If you are tracking Ad revenue and you saw an increase with your growth strategy, then that is a success story.

I think you are celebrating prematurely. Check and see if it actually corresponds to an increase in you KEY METRIC.

Growth of said KEY METRIC is the real story.

Keep up the good work


Bro, I had my metrics intact and KP!'s, so I am celebrating with facts.


All he is saying is that you should share those metrics


I don’t doubt it.

But please share so we can learn.