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Also, isn’t Jumia Travel supposed to cover other countries outside Nigeria?


When most of customers are corporate employees probably travelling on business meetings utilizing a desktop on their worktable to find hotels in their business destination city to stay and you want them to develop an iOS or android app? Bros how fa na? app no dey fall from heaven ooo! na person go build and maintain am ooo and dat na money ooo!


My apologies for going offtopic but why do you think PayStack is a dependent of Flutterwave?

Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?

So does this mean of i have a responsive Web app(aka website) with any of the listed gateways, I could as well not bother about a mobile app?


I don’t think they are. They are!

Paystack is essentially a “reseller” of FlutterWave’s excellent payment tech. The main product they “resell” is the FlutterWave Pay Button. FlutterWave’s API allows you to do some wonderful things, that’s why some of the best services use them - e.g. Uber, KongaPay, PayWithCapture, etc.

Think of it this way. FlutterWave is manufacturer of the product, Paystack is the retailer, and there are other retailers, you can become a retailer too if you are interested in fintech.

Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?
Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?
Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?

I speak as CTO of Paystack and I can assure you there is no evidence of this in our codebase. There is no evidence of same in either Uber’s or KongaPay’s codebase either.

Uber processes transactions directly through the MasterCard Internet Gateway Service with Access Bank as the acquiring bank.

KongaPay is a whole different ball game altogether, working with multiple banks and NIBSS to enable them directly debit bank accounts. You can confirm this with any developer on the KongaPay team. It is worthy of note that as at when the product launched, Flutterwave was not a thing.

That said, Paystack started off as Uber is - processing transactions via MiGS with Access Bank as our acquiring bank. It was why we could authorize and charge cards without requiring PINs or One Time Passwords. It was also the reason we could not process Verve cards at launch because those are local to Nigeria. Today, we work with multiple banks as acquirers, primarily GTB and Zenith, and directly with Interswitch to support PIN/Token authentication for MasterCard and Verve cards. For cards that have already been authorized once, we simply pass them off to MiGS for subsequent charges (recurring billing, or when a charge is sent to an existing customer’s card).

We also have relationships in place with eTranzact and NIBSS to make things like direct bank debits and automated transfers possible. As a player in the financial services space, we are also directly regulated by CBN as a Payment Service Provider and I can assure you that hasn’t been a small feat in terms of requirements - 100 million naira in share capital paid for, rate regulation, amongst other things. So no, you cannot just “become a retailer too if you are interested in fintech”.

Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?

AH! Baba!

How can you say this with such bravado? I can’t tell if this is just plain ignorance (not used as an insult), or if you’re employed by someone to say this.

Either way, Paystack runs on software we’ve lost sleep building over the past year. Lots of sleep, money and relationships went into this. Investors didn’t give us money because we’re resellers of tech.

We used FW as one of many gateway options for a short period of time, and this was largely as a result of a bank relationship. Comments like this are the reason why there seems to be some public “animosity” between companies that should be working together.

Please please, and please. Stop this libel.


You know, I will never understand you people that pay attention to CI services like SimilarWeb and Alexa. Let’s not talk about going as far as quoting them in conversations. I mean, according to this rubbish, TechCabal had 271,379 visits in the past 6 MONTHS (that’s ridiculous), and Zikoko had 96,988. Really? Zikoko passed TechCabal in all metrics over a year ago, and now does multiples of TC’s numbers.

Oga @kananga, most of the visits to MMM’s portal are via desktop. I don’t know if it’s >= 80%, but I bet it is. It was a high enough percentage to deceive some people into thinking that Nigeria is not a mobile-first country. Or, maybe they were not deceived and they wanted page views. Dunno.

And I think you’re right to a large extent here.[quote=“kananga, post:22, topic:9567”]
But the reason why Nigeria is a mobile-first internet market is not because people prefer it so, it is simply because vast swathes of our online population do not have ready access to desktops. Most of these guys simply do not have a choice, the only access to the internet available to them is via their mobile phones.

But when you make a statement like this…[quote=“kananga, post:22, topic:9567”]
With Flutterwave and their numerous dependents - PayStack, Nairabox, PaywithCapture, etc. Card payments on mobile have never been easier. Just look at Uber.

…and someone asks you to provide evidence to back up your statement…[quote=“niyi, post:28, topic:9567”]
My apologies for going offtopic but why do you think PayStack is a dependent of Flutterwave?
This does not cut it.

I see people who actually work at Paystack replied to this before I finished typing, so I’ll stop here and defer to them.


Never speak confidently of a thing you know nothing about. :slight_smile:



Users who go to the website via search could be new users.

Returning customers would basically visit the URL directly.

I use Jumia Travel via the app though but I need a browser to visit

Oh well, they have their reasons, I’m sure.


Ah. N100m share capital for a PSP? When PSSP, PTSP, MFB and IMTO licence require a fraction of that. O ga o, folks at CBN are a clueless bunch…


Unfortunately, but for evidence, here…

and on a subsequent letter…

That said, I will be happy to answer further questions on a dedicated thread, so as to not derail the primary conversation here further. :slight_smile:


Omo, Paystack generals be bursting in like…

Chai, this is gon be epic fun


Not doubting CBN will demand such ridiculous share captital from a PSP. I guess they sometimes treat this thing on a case by case basis. I won’t be surprised to hear some other PSP got away with N50m :slight_smile:


Till Aug/Q3 2016?


Very curious as to how you came about this (wrong) supply chain information.


@xolubi and other Paystack people

I apologize if I offended anyone, I didn’t mean to. Maybe I used the wrong choice of words. I also did not realise there was a PayStack army here :wink:

However, apart form my choice of words, I stand by my statement. I will not escalate this any further, but I’ll respond directly to some statements if you don’t mind.

Of course you did. So did Nairabox, and SimplePay, and SlushPay, and CashEnvoy, and others who use the FlutterWave API.

Yes you can. All you need to do is pay FlutterWave their access fee, and use their API. It is not a secret society.

Finally, to those who accused me of heresy, can you explain to me the relationship (maybe that relationship no longer exists) between PayStack and FlutterWave? And how it differs from the other companies as depicted in this image below from the FlutterWave website. Thanks

Click here to view it directly by yourselves if you wish.


It’s amazing, @xolubi gave you a long, pseudo-technical explanation, probably sitting in front of the source code while at it (because, spoiler alert: that’s his job), and yet you decide to:

  1. Still ask that the relationship be explained.
  2. Continue speaking like you know about the relationship better than the hands-on CTO and Front End Engr Lead.

But what is even more AMAZING is that:
There. Was. No. Flutterwave. PayStack. Had. Been. Working. For. Months. But. Somehow. They. Are. Retailers.

Except FlutterWave has a back-in-time API, it’s painfully clear that you’re WAY WAY off the mark.


There was no FlutterWave when CashEnvoy started either. So what?

There was no iPhone when I started using phones. Today I use iPhone. So what?