MASS: Men Are Scum as a Service


Lol, the “scums” is not English… it’s a word I invented


So i can easily register anyone I dislike as a scum.

Gabe Newell is biggest scum on this Earth, he still owes us a 3rd Installation. :cry:


Nna eh… this is serious o



To avoid duplicity and to help the usefulness of the site, you might want to allow posters attach numbers to each “scum”'s details, This number would not be displayed, but users can search the site by that number.

If someone duplicates the subimssion with that same number, the scum level of that person is doubled or something.


Wow, this is a brilliant idea. Thanks


Correct me if I am wrong, but I want to assume you are referring to phone numbers or whatever numbered based ID OP comes up with. This might be doing any future lawsuit a huge favor, again I am assuming that Russia hacks your DB thus making it easier to identify scums in the real world LOL.



Like you said, pending the hack.
But then, the number is not displayed against the name, except in the search results, at which point it is for the poster to confirm if it is the person or not. The normal pages still displays the ambigous name like “Lanre” which doesn’t connect the guy to any number.

I don’t see how a lawsuit would benefit from that(not a lawyer though). My suggestion is just to avoid duplicity and help properly grade the scum level of the Guy been reported :slight_smile:


While this concept sounds good on paper and all, the real life workings are too volatile to be trifled with. It has the potential to destroy reputations painstakingly built, without any concrete evidence or verdict by a competent jury. And I’m sure everyone who has commented on this thread has had one or two exes and wouldn’t like not getting that much needed investment for your business, because the investor’s daughter or wife or herself / himself saw your name on MASS.


In the realm of ideas and since we can be silly lol. Add a scum voting system.

Scum button on every story: Scum and Unscum. They highest scums rise to the top.


Lol…this makes sense, and you can have scum of the week or something in that line


Take that site down before you hurt yourself!


Hurt myself how ?


lol… i didnt like the idea when i came to this post…but when i got to the site , my first read was funny… a dude stealing a pot of stew…lmao

so yeah … it can be like a funny name and shame paltform lol

btw its vague… how do u sue when your picture or full details is not on the site. but the Unsub ( lol from criminal minds) knows himself


Um…well there are 2 ways u can run this.

a) Fun style: take a cue from Break up or Make up on instagram, Hoe Story on Twitter, and InvestigaTHOR on twitter to create a fun system where people are shamed, the poster can keep anonymous and post can be ranked according to scum level.

b) Serious: Maintain a database of noted wife beaters, domestic violent humans, pedophiles, heart breakers, chronic cheaters and what not so people both male and female can search through

Which ever way as long as u ensure your platform is lawsuit proof carry on.


I just hope I don’t see @Engrtitus as a SCUM on this site one day.


Have you thought of chnging “scum of the month” to “scum of the week” to make the site more interactive? I think it would serve the purpose.


Yes, i have. Will implement it in due time. Thanks