MASS: Men Are Scum as a Service


Let me know when you have implemented https. Haba, Security should be the first thing to consider and shouldn’t be an afterthought.


Wait, is this a joke or for real? Is HIV/AIDS what they are referring to here?


Yes. The full screenshots I didn’t think were necessary


@Engrtitus use for the https:// I am assuming you aren’t on some huge funding (.xyz) so cutting costs would be important. Positive SSL could also be as low as $1 to $9


Thanks. I’ll check it out


Like the girl infected the guy with HIV/AIDS!?


Yes she did. And she ain’t denying it in that chat cause someone infected her too.


Oh my God! :ok_woman:t4: I’m never dating any girl in Nigeria.


It can happen anywhere, this happened in PH.


Wtf! This is just begging for a lawsuit.


Everyone seems to be claiming there will be lawsuits, I don’t know much about law and I hope I am not being ignorant.

But, Let’s say a Kunle from Ibadan was said to have raped someone. Kunle Adegbite that stays at Apata, Ibadan will now claim he is the one but didn’t do it ?

If you didn’t do it, that means it’s not your Kunle.

There is nothing specific on the website, no address, no picture, no full name, no place of work…

How will a lawyer file such a suit ?

Like I said, I hope I am not being ignorant.

And thanks to everyone that suggested a disclaimer, I have added it.


Then how is the service useful if it’s not specific ? I don’t see how your user can avoid or ‘punish’ someone you don’t know.


nothing specific is being displayed


Jesus. I was coming here to type exactly this. Oh God.


So what would you call this ? Naija people sha


While we are talking about the real issues, this pedant would like to point out a problem with the site’s copy. I think the plural of scum is probably scum, not scums.


Hmm that Kunle wey they stay for Ibadan na big idiot.

But jokes aside I believe if done right there is a way to play around the rules without actually breaking it, but how do you deal with an angry ex coming on the site to accuse someone of something they didn’t do or even anybody at all for that matter.

And what is the criteria for one to become a “scum”, I mean right now if I say our president is a scumbag a lot of people will agree with me.

But then I see you saying

There is nothing specific on the website, no address, no picture, no full name, no place of work…
How will a lawyer file such a suit ?

So what’s the point of the whole thing!?


Many years ago, I used to visit daily for entertainment - laugh at Nigerian scammers outed by baiters.

This could be fun.


Me too! But this is different.


Just my 2 cents here …seen the website, while I do not really agree with the intent, that’s not why I am commenting.

A number of people have highlighted the possibility of defamation lawsuits, I think the founder needs to definitely ensure they have robust Ts & Cs and Disclaimers to cover their backs.

I however think that the chances of any defamation lawsuit actually succeeding is very very low. The platform as set up does not show enough specificity to meet one of the criteria for a successful defamation suit i.e. it must refer to the claimant.

Even if the person posting the information then goes on to mention information that can narrow it down to a specific person and meet the criteria for referring to the claimant e.g. Femi from Ibadan who is the manager at Amala Unlimited is scum because he did blablabla… this might not necessarily mean a defamation case will still succeed. If the lady alleging the ‘scumminess’ of the individual is actually stating the truth, then truth is an ultimate defence to a defamation suit.

All would have to do is ask the poster to do before posting a ‘scum receipt’ would be to click an indemnification type clause that the info they are posting is true, and that they will indemnify the website if there is a lawsuit…not watertight, but could work.

Anyway, this is NOT legal advice, speak to a lawyer for more detailed information/advice.