MASS: Men Are Scum as a Service


"There is no greater threat to women than men. We’re the number one threat to women. Globally and historically, we’re the number one cause of injury and mayhem to women. We’re the worst thing that ever happens to them. That’s true! " - Louis C.K

Since time immemorial, men have been raping, abusing and doing all sorts of unprintable things to women. The sad part is, most of them get away with it.

It’s time to put a stop to that, it’s time to start blasting men that do such things while ensuring they do not go unpunished.

Introducing MASS …Men Are Scum as a Service. MASS is a central database of scum men in the world.

The details of the scums on MASS are name, age and location, but a lot can still be added.

The Police will also be involved when necessary.

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Wow, this is not a drill…


You should probably pitch to your ex(s) first and see how it goes


I checked the FAQ (by the way, it is FAQ, not Faq), I saw no explanation of scum-iness.

I read through scum details and noticed that the ‘why’ is text. You might want to make it a checklist for better analysis e.g physical assault, sexual assault, unwanted advances etc. so you can get data such as top scum activity and maybe link them to the appropriate penal code.



It’s one thing to put someone on blast on social media for bad behaviour. It’s a totally different thing to create a platform that aggregates “drags”. Do you have a plan for the inevitable issues, ranging from DDOS attacks to full on lawsuits? You don’t have to answer that if this is just for funzies, of course.


Triple wawu!


Thanks, I will try and work towards that


I don’t have it all figured out yet, but I do have some plans


Well, if you are even moderately serious about it, I suggest you read up on and add a strong disclaimer that absolves you of liability, because this is basically a defamation lawsuit magnet. This is also not legal advice oh, I have no clue if it’ll be enough. You might wanna talk to a lawyer at some point. I wonder what @Odunoluwa thinks about it.


cool concept but i see impending lawsuits, no one wants to humiliated online or publicly. If we want to make a change this “might” not be the best way to go about it.


Just a question, since all my initial reactions have probably been covered in the earlier comments.

What qualifies a man as “scum”? I think scum is relative. Any babe can put up an ex or even any guy she wants to get back at as scum. So what’s the standard definition of scum?


So big question, how do you want to make money?


This is just another form of “revenge porn”. Cyber bulling at its finest


Hold on. Let me understand this. So people can just come here and put people’s names up as sexual offenders for the whole world to see and by so doing defame them without proof or corroboration? That is the aim of this site? So my ex can just come here and label me a sexual deviant and every girl who types my name sees me as one? This is not a very wise or kind or legal site you have here. It makes very little sense and can do irreparable damage to maybe innocent personalities… but I doubt you care.


Maybe you don’t show names until a certain number of people have confirmed a certain person is scum (and even then, until they are prosecuted and found guilty). Uploaders can put in names but they won’t be visible. You use phone numbers or some other info to tie in all scum reports on one person then refer to an NGO?


Thumbs up … For doing this. Well … I got a mail this pitch " did not make the final selection cut" (thats my partner in the vid) and I think you can glean some ways to make money from your “niche” or “target audience” If you’d like us to talk, inbox. and the disclaimer is really important, talk to a lawyer too as has been said.


A repository of assets related to illegal activity… wasn’t there a repository of scam emails a long way back? I remember @celestocalculus doing something like that.

If I was to build this MVP, I would have (maybe) started with men but had plans for more 'noun’s are scum e.g instagram handles known to collect cash but don’t deliver promised goods, twitter peeps whose school fees eternally need paying etc.

Just thinking out loud. Carry on.


women are scum too … so like @stigwue said and if you watched the video I posted above … illegal activities etc would not limit your scope. Yeah I don’t mind people “stealing” my ideas cause they really aren’t just mine. Just do it well.


Are you no longer “legal” yourself?


I’m offended by this. I’ll love to rant about why but I’m no longer in that season.

Godspeed on the project.