Looking for Startups to promote their products to our clients



I’m working on the blog post about Nigerian startups. We are a global web hosting and domain registration company. We seek to be growth partners for bloggers, startups and developers in Nigeria. we’re interested in useful content for our clients - small businesses, bloggers and developers.

If you know a Nigerian startup, which could be useful for this kind of audience, please name it in the comments.

I have already checked for some at Angels Nigeria and http://www.startupranking.com/top/nigeria for startups and emerging businesses in Nigeria but I would like you to provide with those that you are familiar with or even better your own. I know that not all startups are on the list above. I highly appreciate if you add a couple of lines about your specific experience.

If you represent a startup which can be useful for developers, bloggers or small business - please reach me via adetola@hub8.com with more info. May be we can highlight your story or arrange a discount code for our readers in the blog post or newsletters.


Please, do you mean a startup that can create valuable content for small business, bloggers and developers?
At what scale are the contents, for web pages or blogs on websites?

With a clear idea of what you want to achieve, I could help out.


Thanks for your reply, what we want are startups that offer services that are useful for small businesses, bloggers and developers.

we are not looking for contents


Please no need to spam on our post,

what we require is your business name, URL , sector , Useful comment for our readers and location. Thanks


Sorry you feel spammed, Ade, I didn’t really mean it that way.

Thank you…