Looking For Internship Opportunities


Hello everyone ,

For the next 6 months (June - December 2018) , I am available to work as an intern at any tech / digital marketing firm in Nigeria.

I am a 300 level Computer Science student (BSC In Computer Science) currently attending University Of Benin.

I am an Advanced SEO with 5years experience and have built and ranked websites from scratch across different niches in Nigeria and the United States.

In November 2016 , i used my SEO and digital marketing skills (as an affiliate) to generate over 40m in sales for an e-commerce website in Nigeria , 90% of which was through organic , search engine traffic.

My skills :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : 90%
Affiliate marketing : 80%
Wordpress (setup , customization & speed optimizaton) : 70%
HTML & CSS : 65%
Content Writing : 60%

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you know any company in need of an intern.

Email : Kelvin.ogwu25@gmail.com



Hello there,
You’re in luck.
Send a mail to hr@mypadi.ng


Hey Kelvin,

Pls email chika@glamafric.com asap. Would love to discuss more.


You can also email people@touchabl.com


so basically only you generated 40m in sales through seo

SEO is only part of the process of generating 40m not the main process,there is online,offline advert including SEO and other method that generated that sales

No single person can generate sales worth 40m only with SEO,you need a team to do that.


I honestly don’t understand what you are saying.

I know some bad guys that generate $250k+ for Amazon.com EVERYMONTH using SEO and affiliate marketing. Alot of them actually.

These are single individuals that work from the comfort of their home. No team , no staff. Highest they hire 1 Virtual Assistant from Philippines

The fact that you don’t think its possible dosen’t mean it isn’t.


i work in SEO for a company,and it is damn hard for a single person to do that,you need a team even from the comfort of your home.


Its hard for you dosen’t mean its hard for others. The whole process is just time and resource consuming.:slightly_smiling_face:


dude it hard for a single person to do that,do you know how many landing pages,you gonna create, i doubt if a 1 man team will want to do this alone especially since you are a student.

to generate 40m in sales with SEO is a full time job.


To be honest , you don’t sound like an SEO that you say you are.

I’ve been doing this even before i got admission. So this dosen’t count.

Here are some of my results.

This is for a website i built January this year , already ranking on first page for my main keyword ; all in 6months. This is in the US.

This one is for a website i started Novemeber 2017 in the SUPER COMPETITIVE Automotive niche in the US.

And if you still think its hard for 1 person , maybe its hard for just you.


my point is not whether you can do a seo page,my point is can only you generate 40m only with seo in Nigeria without using other channels of targeting the consumer,my answer is a big NO

Only using SEO cant generate sales of 40m in Nigeria.
Creating SEO isnt only about keyword,infact creating seo and having high ranking on goggle doesnt means you will make cash.

only you cant do SEO page for an ecommerce company in Nigeria and generate 40m

i stand with my words you need a full time and good team to generate 40m in SEO and it is not gonna take 3-5 months to achieve that.

i have also worked with sales team offline,for offline sales,a single person can infact generate more than 40m,this type of sales works with commission.

According to you,you think,you can just sit in one place and generate 40m through SEO in Nigeria,i laugh in french.



I Can’t help your doubt. I’m sorry :slightly_smiling_face:


since only you made sales of 40m through SEO why are you looking for an intern job

with your “experience”,you could work in full time jobs in many companies

The truth is only an inexperienced HR will believe you made sales of 40M through only SEO.


I guess there is a misunderstanding here.
@jamesbond He said sales, not profit.
Have you considered the niche and products in the store?
Also time frame.

The company should be ready to spend money on resources.


there is no misunderstanding here

only one man(a student) cant generate sales of 40m in sales for an e-commerce site in Nigeria through SEO.

to be logical,a man pulling this amount wont be looking for internship in a startup.


This is for school. It is a requirement to complete my undergraduate degree :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


If you have the resource, please hire him and let him prove it. Have a cup of coffee with him to find out if he is knowledgeable enough or has proven strategies for carrying out such a task or a similar task.

It just depends on what buttons you are pressing to get the result you desire.

As funny as it sounds a lot of individuals are making money doing what you think is impossible.

I have a friend making over $5000+/months using 37 plagiarized contents (not unique), a simple WordPress blog but still, get paid $5000+ (which is mostly over 300% investment) from the same adsense every month for like 2 years now. I know this because I setup his blog and I fund his accounts most times. If that is possible why can’t that 40M be possible?

40M is not that huge for an eCommerce store.
Selling 10 products worth over 100k can get you 1M. There are TVs of 1M or Laptop over 100k or Freezers, etc. The keywords you are targeting and SERP matters.

There are also tools online and software that can cut down the need for extra hands. If you have time then what stops you?

I have an affiliate blog which I didn’t do SEO in it… I just built it and submit the sitemap to only Google and I got close to 10 sales in two months. (No On-page or Off-page SEO, target Keywords on products).

Who will verify that he did his internship?:man_shrugging:

Well, I will like to grab a coffee with both of you since you guys are SEO Immediate/Expert. Maybe Whatsapp/Facebook for now


i wont write about this again.you can believe whatever you want to and justify it with your opinion that you know one guy that did this and that.

i still stand with my write up

i have only question for KELZ

i have never done affiliate marketing before but i think every affiliate on jumia and konga do have a dash-board,i want to know your numbers and commission.

your impression,number of click,number of sales,total cost of sales and all commission if possible.

upload these information and lets see if you generated sales of 40m as you claimed.