Logo design yay or nay? thoughts



Isn’t it somewhat complicated for a logo? Will it scale well to different screen sizes?


pretty much will scale to any size.Please kindly explain the complication


Logo? Naaaaa… It’s more a less a “flyer design” without a call to action. It has no clear definition.


To echo what @Diakon said, a good logo should be distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message; and i’m not getting the message.


It won’t scale nicely. Not on Illustrator or any other design tool you use, we are talking about this getting smacked on any surface (web or print) at any size. I think I agree fully with @Diakon. It won’t scale.

The design is trying too much and ends up without the qualities of a logo.


Remove the face and i think you have a logo


I’m not sure this fit the properties of a good luck. So nay.


The three circles are unnecessary in my view. Aside from that, it projects a nice, beautiful image for a product or service. Nice feminine colors, classy and clean


okay. thanks


so what exactly is wrong with it


Corrections made


This is still a big fail.
Ditch this idea, it’s not working.
Go back to the drawing board.
Hope this “inspires” you: https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=beauty+logos


Please either you go for icon only or text only. Ditch the face or the Write up.


@bigdeemj don’t get offended or discouraged; just realize that the design is good, but it’s not a logo.


Stubbornness :smile:


1st Logo: Get rid of the eyebrow and the line underneath the eyebrow. Also get rid of the teddy bear looking thing before the letter L. Keep the font, but use the yellow & blue theme you used in the 2nd logo.