Jumia is selling off everything one by one



accounting 101: brackets indicate negative values https://www.accountingcoach.com/blog/use-of-parentheses

once you understand that, you’ll also notice they’re clearly sugarcoating their numbers because they claim gross profit in 2016 is +30.2m Euro but EBITDA is suddenly -91m Euro. They are probably claiming that Cost of Goods Sold does not factor into their profit calculation, which is laughable.

Anyway, you’ve shown me how these Jumia guys manage to keep convincing people to give them money despite having hands down the worst income statement I’ve ever seen from an African company. I’m even tempted to try this sophisticated Yahoo game myself in future now.


Bro,i do not not how you look at company’s performance but this company from its financial records look strong and has a position of 340.8m euros.

and if they have manipulated any account,the regulatory body in Germany would have kick them out from the stock exchange.


That 340 million is money which they raised from investors. It’s good to sometimes admit when you don’t know about a certain topic and educate yourself on it. I’m offering you accounting knowledge together with links to reading material but you want to remain ignorant for the sake of winning an argument. In that case I surrender and you have now won the argument since you are the last man standing. If you want you can read the links I provided. Bye.


i do not want to be rude

but your main aim is to win these argument too,you are accusing me of things you also want to fulfill,i think i have my right to believe what i want to believe and i see no education in what you wrote down

there are many inconsistencies in what you wrote down,at first you wrote jumia is going for a 120 million dollar loss and i have showed you the balance sheet and i dont see any fear or concern about jumia position in the market,they are trying to minimum loss and are looking forward into profitability in the future.

the balance shit shows they have a good cash position and are still strong ,they will sell subsidiaries that are worthless and maximize cost,i think in my opinion it is a normal and logical business decision.

Whether you like it or not jumia is an established brand in Africa and they arent going nowhere.


I will have to take your article serious and read it well