ISDEV(Innovative Software Developers)2017 HACKATHON aims to kickstart more startups


Brindocorp major aim is helping tech startups become investable, even if Brindocorp itself started as one. The first ISDEV HACKATHON was a success, it was held for 2 days straight and that gave the grouped members enough time to come up with a new idea and quickly implement as best as they could.

“Even though we came up as first runner up, we certainly learnt a lot from this event and not to forget the wonderful and helping comments given by the judges,” said Abdullahi. Cofounder of “GoSlowYarn” Isaac in an interview after the ISDEV2016 HACKATHON event. “I would like to do this on a monthly basis if possible.” Goslowyarn now a startup company helping Nigerians to get traffic updates with their app was among the solutions created during the ISDEV2016 HACKATHON.

Nigerian tech startups minimally get funded or introduced to better opportunities. Brindocorp’s ISDEV aims to keep improving that number.

ISDEV2016 HACKATHON brought close a hundred candidates from major places in Nigeria like Lagos, Abeokuta, Akure, etc. Eighty percent of these finished through with the event and sixty percent of these went home with at least a price.

ISDEV2017 HACKATHON aims to improve much more on what 2016 has started by including the ability to showcase hardware inventions and also for the first time, with the help of a professional team, it will be having an online Hackathon for the candidates not having the opportunity to come physically to the event.

According to the CEO of Brindocorp Segun Joshua whom also is the founder of the ISDEV, he made known that “though participation is free, everyone will be rewarded for participating in the hackathon,” during an online interaction with one of the prospect sponsor.

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