Is there a co-working space that provides office space than can sit a team of 10-15 people in Lagos?


I’m searching for a co-working space in Lagos that can sit atleast 10 people in a private office. Any recommendations?


Are you seriously considering a team of 10-15 people in a co-working space?


What’s your target area of getting the workspace? Lagos island?. I’m actually looking for it, maybe we could get one together . @craigprins


Jeez!! 10-15 is a lot of people for a Co-working space. I don’t think the numbers pan out well. You might want to Co-rent with someone looking for the same thing.

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Nevertheless, if your guys can work remotely you can check us out at we’ll give you a discount and your guy can literally work from anywhere.


Try Workstation -


Workstationng don’t support teams and BTW they’re somewhat expensive. I’m actually in need for a space though


Normal cost, per person= N30k10 people/month = N300k12 = N3600000/year. I think this should get you some cool office space in your choice location in Lagos. Except, you don’t want to offload that load of cash all at once, then you can stick with your N300k.

And except you are OBO!


Hello @ craigprince… You can check out eeSPACE on . It’s the newest HUB on the mainland. I hear they’re about to launch a really cool space(95% complete) for a team of 5 to 10 persons plus i’m pretty sure it’s affordable… At least between **55k to 65k per month budget can fetch you one of it… call these numbers 08136900170, 07080009967 for further inquiries … Here a picture i have on my fone… cool right,:blush: Don’t worry,You can thank me later… #winks


Depends on the location and ambience, some offer 15k/person/month = 150k for a team of 10. That’s still high for a year. You can just go for a private office that seats up to 5-10 at 65k/month. That’s pretty much affordable. Check ReDahlia @Opebi ikeja, WorkBay and eeSPACE @Ogba Ikeja for private space at 65k/month… Call 08136900170


Check out

We have our facilities in Yaba and Ojodu. Which means members of your team have the privilege of working out of any those locations. Can you please give us your number or call 09054462053


You need an office


I really don’t need an office. I would prefer an already furnished place for temporal use that’s why I asked for working space. Plus I don’t have bulk money to pay for an office upfront considering they would require rent for at least a year


10 spaces in a regular co working space is not small money tho but all the best.


try this website -


the link is dead!


Did you mean