Introducing - Free Online Classified Ads site


Hello Nigerian Techies. I need your honest reviews, recommendations, opinions about my new classified ads website to make us better.


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Classified business model is getting outdated. There are quite a number of sites out there offering similar services. However, I believe you should be able to create a niche classified website where people can only exchange a single item such as mobile phones or laptops. Also, you can limit the location to only Lagos. If you really want to be different from others, you can create a pick up and drop off locations within a given radius and offer product verification as an additional service. (Provided OLX isn’t doing that already)

Btw, the website layout is good.


Thank you @manifest for your advice. Based on our research, Classified ads site is still at its infant stage in Nigeria. What most Nigerians are looking for is Trust and Security. And any classified ad site that is able to solve these problems will excel. And that is what we are trying to solve. We are at a beta stage now. We are incorporating a lot of features to combat scam and fraudsters on our platform. Our focus for now is to provide the necessary platform for sellers to independently connect with buyers faster even though we are also open to change our model based on demand.

Thank you once again bro.