Introducing trove -- invest in us stocks, us bonds,and ipo's as a nigerian


If you’re a Nigerian wanting to trade U.S. stocks then i have some good news for you.

Your friends at Trove have been working tirelessly to create a way in which this can be made possible.

Here’s what we were able to create; A mobile app that allows you buy/sell hundreds of US Securities from the tap of a button…Yessss now you can participate in the Uber, Airbnb IPO’s or buy shares of Google,Apple, Facebook or pretty much any US company you’re interested in

Interesting Facts

  • You buy this Stocks using your Naira debit card & get paid in Naira when you sell. Forget about all the FX jazz…We’d handle the conversions from Naira to Dollar for you.

  • We’d take care of US Tax filings, reconciliation of KYC and the maintenance of your brokerage account.

All you need is join the Trove wait list & you’d be the first to know when we go live.

Here is a secret - We go live in about 2 weeks so don’t waste any time

Join wait list -

Also, if you have any questions i’m here to answer.