Introducing Trails: Your Memory Lane (Beta)


We live through different things everyday. Most of which we end up sharing on Twitter, Instagram or through our mouths.

But, how much do/can we really save for our love of memories? Memories that make us learn, analyze, relive, smile again, etc.

So, I made an app… That automatically saves life’s moments as we journey through life.

It’s the perfect tool for making memories because it fuses productivity tools into journals that are connected into a network.

It’s still early days, m looking forward to hearing from you guys


You could find more about it above!


i like it, it will make it easier for people to watch their real selves through daily recorded actions and also share with loved ones thereby bringing them closer even though physically not there.i’ll like to check it out when ready.nice concept


For those interested in seeing how Trails (the memory lane) works, this is what the Beta Version looks like.