Introducing TastyIgniter - Open source Restaurant Ordering & Reservation System


Hi All-

I just released an online restaurant food ordering and reservation system / restaurant table manager. It is built on the CodeIgniter Framework. I’ve been working on this project for 2 years, and I am continually impressed by its consistency and its depth. Its really an amazing system and is my first open source project.

I’m looking to release a stable version sometime this month after adding new features from user feedback. I’ve recently completed the user acceptance testing.

It will be nice to hear your thoughts on this system what’s missing or if there are features that are needed or if theres something that can be improved in the codebase. And if you are impressed by the system please feel free to collaborate.

more info & demo:


A friend of mine once built something similar on ci


1st look of your website and impressed with the clean look! I’m interested in this space (retail/small business) and will definitely be on the lookout to collaborate with you in the future.

All the best with releasing the new version :v:t6:


Hmmm Interesting, we could maybe share some ideas?


Thank You! :grin: Looking forward to