Introducing SafeTrade


Welcome to Nigeria, a country where we let a lot of things go. Here we have so many people who have been frustrated by other people because there are no systems to keep people in check.

When was the last time you placed an order for something without that fear in your heart that it may not come or you could get a substandard product and then have to go through a tough process to get some or all of your money back?

How about that tailor who collects a part payment and then somehow gets so busy that he does not get to your material in time? You end up not wearing that dress because he didn’t make it on time and he didn’t make it on time because he got complacent after receiving that first payment.

Now what if you’re that tailor and after finishing your client’s work, he or she finds it hard to pay you your balance?

Or if you’re that service provider who does’nt get paid completely after completing the service?

What if we tell you there is a solution to the problems listed above?

What if we tell you there is a platform that will not only ensure that your money is safe, but also ensures that you get that dress on the date agreed with the tailor? Or get that product with confidence that it is of good quality

We have come up with: SafeTrade, a platform which seeks to drastically reduce and potentially eliminate the problems that come with both item and service transactions.

How does it work?

Monies are handled through trusted payment gateways (Remita and paystack) and is only sent to the seller or service provider after the buyer or client has confirmed receipt and authenticity of their goods or service.

You start a transaction and make payments which will only be handed out to the seller after he/she has delivered, according to the set terms of engagement for the transaction.

From a seller’s point of view, assurance of payment is established as you know that your money is safely sitted somewhere and will be paid as soon as you deliver. No more “come next week”.

Failure to adhere to the terms of engagement of the transaction by either party (Buyer and Seller) will result in our broker stepping in to resolve any issue and come to an amicable settlement.


Thank you for reading so far, please take time out to go through our website and start a transaction with someone today.
Don’t forget to leave a feedback if any.

We've just launched a full-fledged escrow service you can offer your customers

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Test case name. There are other social media images giving other examples where SafeTrade comes in as a solution


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Can we try and focus on the application and its functionality and usefullness in everyday life


How can we focus on that?


By giving feedback on your thoughts on the application


First things first, I like the idea of this service.

I signed up for an account and arrived at this page

I’m not sure why you have 2 prominent CTA buttons that essentially lead to the same page?
Also I’m really sorry to be pedantic but this syntax “Hi! {{username}}” is :frowning:

Anyway, I clicked one of the buttons on that page and here we are:

It’s great that you didn’t ask for too many details in the signup form but the next question/suggestion is: wouldn’t it be better to include a notification of sorts in the dashboard to let me know I need a complete profile in order to start a transaction? Please let me know if there’s a reason for not doing this.

About this page:

Is my full government name of any importance in the transaction process? Can I put a business name in place of the full name? If so, then it might be good to indicate that in the sign up form and perhaps change the label of that field from ‘Fullname’ to ‘Name’.

I’m obviously not going to try to verify my email address or phone number because this is a throwaway account (can I change those after verifying, by the way?) so sadly this is the end of the road for me and this review lol.
I’m curious to know how actual transactions work from the buyer’s end and the seller’s end - and I really, really wish you had a demo page/account people could play with. Please let me know if you ever make one and I’ll jump on it immediately.

That said, this product is useful for eliminating the woes of PoD, and I wish you the best with it!


Thank you.

The call to action buttons was an oversight, would get the fixed ASAP.

We made it that the sign up is really easy and shouldnt take you 1 minute to setup an account. I also think it is important to let people know that it is required to complete their profile to setup an account. We would find a solution to that.

You government fullname is not required. Its just a name to enable the second party in the transaction verify that they are transacting with you. it can be a nickname or a business name. Would change the label from fullname to “Name or Business name” i think that would be better.

You really poointed something out we never looked at. People may want to knw how it works before commiting themselves to it. We would begin work on a demo that everyone can try and get to see how it works.

Thanks once again.


After creating an account now, users will be greeted with a welcome page with necesary information and why they need to fill in their details


Now you can try out a demo transaction from the homeoage of the SafeTrade website. Give this a go and let me know what you think.


Looks like the OP is a technical person :+1:


I tried the demo and it works reasonably well. It may be best to include a link to T&Cs in the “I agree to…” sentence, because if these T&Cs are so serious that you need to ask whether I’m sure then maybe you should have them within reach so I can take a look (are they that serious? if they’re not then maybe the double confirmation isn’t needed?)

If I need to report an issue, how does it work? If you can’t provide that option in the demo then maybe a brief explanation in the FAQ section would suffice

Anything else I say would be nitpicking. I think you’ve done great and this will get even better with feedback from actual customers/your target market. Please keep us posted on your progress!


Thank you for trying out the demo.

I see your point concerning reporting issues. We would add an explanatory text on how the issues work.


Our next phase is to pursue integration on other platforms. We have just concluded a functional API for ecommerce platforms and we are currently working on developing a plugin for Wordpress.
We are working towards having a sit down with platform that offer classifieds such as OLX and Jiji. We would appreciate any contact we can get from users here.
In the future we are looking at having a platform that can fully manage projects and ensuring milestones, payments and project trackign is done effeciently.


Our WooCommerce plugin is complete and would be going live soon. Read more about is on this radar post