Introducing An eCommerce platform with a plan to "Uberize" eCommerce


So once upon a time, taxi companies and their likes held sway until Uber came to “Uberize them”

Currently the big eCommerce platforms in Nigeria are holding, but has a plan to “Uberize” them.

Our plan is to leverage on family and social connections to attack the eCommerce market and split it apart.

How eCommerce currently works in Naija
The big players like Konga and Jumia operate market places. Merchants list their products and Customers visit the market place to buy. The big players makes commissions amongst other things from every sale.

How is Different

  • Merchants visit to list their products /services

  • Individuals /businesses (we call them partners and agents) interested in eCommerce visits and genrates their own personalized eCommerce website. e.g . No special skill is required… just 8 clicks.

  • This personalized ecommerce store comes pre-loaded with 1000+ products, which belongs to our merchants.

  • The agents markets his website to his sphere of contact and he/she earns a commission per sale.

  • We handle the deliveries and processes all orders made by the agents/partners. All the agents/partners do is just marketing.

  • The implication of our model is that we have completely eliminated the barrier to entry as regards eCommerce. No more hosting/web design issues, logistic challenges, credit card issues, warehousing…everything… we completely insulate the agents from all these… people can now focus on the business of selling.

For those interested, we added a Multi-Level Marketing Component

If agent A invites agent B to sign up, Agent A is entitled to commissions from all sales made by Agent B and even C and D assuming B invited C and C invited D. Agent A is not entitled to anything from E.

There is a catch though… Agent A can only cash out from commissions earned from B, C and D if he (agent A) make some personal sales. For every N1 Agent A sells, he/she can cash out N5 from commissions earned as a result of B,C and D

So here it is house… kindly check out and share feedback


Before you build Uber for X or “Uberize” anything, read this:



Too late… we’ve built and launched already. … besides don’t focus too much on the word “Uberize”… focus on the value we are about to provide.


i believe this can go a long way … you should try to make it simpler for people who want to sign up to understand , for now it’s a little bit too tech-ish … just a simple "sign up and start selling " will go a long way … great product , i’m definitely signing up


Hello @euphoriawolf Thanks for the feedback.

Making it as simple is definitely the plan and I appreciate your suggestion. I will discuss it with the team.

Did you get to watch the video? did it help to make things a little bit clearer?

I am putting the link here again, just in case…


Your product looks interesting, it might be a better way to earn from eComm. than affiliate marketing.
Goodluck sir.


Nice one. Please consider moving your Main Menu to the top of the home page for easy access. I initially thought I had to Sign up to access the Pricing Info until I scrolled to the bottom of the page to find it.


That is definitely the idea…

In fact we are trying to target affiliate marketers who must rely on a user’s browser to properly set a cookie and also hope that a cookie from another affiliate marketer hasnt been set on the user’s browser already.

In our model, we do not rely on cookies… anything you buy fro “” can easily be tracked and eaweb will get the full credit for the transaction.


Well… we do not want people to get distracted by the pricing… we believe we have value to offer and that is what we want to put in their face.


But are you sure the idea of having unique domain names for sellers will work well?


Yes I think it will.

The sellers have full control of their sites… some will even be able to increase their prices and markup the products if they choose.


Cool! Can’t wait for you guys to reach the point where I can dump jumia affiliate for your product :wink:


We will definitely get there…

Truthfully, we recommend you jump onboard now so you can get the biggest referral network possible.
Obviously the earlier you join, the higher you are on there referral /multi-level marketing network. :wink:


Hello euphoria,

I took you advice, discussed with them team and we have redesigned the home page.

Please check it and see if the flow is better and easier to understand now.

Awaiting your feedback.


This is actually looking good. Someone called our office from you guys but she didn’t explain the features well enough. We thought it was just another ecommerce marketplace. So I think you should better find ways to get the word out. We will definitely be checking this out. :+1:


@LeeGirl thanks for letting me know. … we are currently working on improving how the team communicates our message to everyone.

Please what is the name of your office? I think I need to call again to ensure the message is very clear… :slight_smile: