In which locations in Lagos can I find hotspots with good inexpensive internet?


I’d like to download some video tutorials that are in gigabytes.


Good luck.


That’s a funny response.


One can offer some help if you’re anywhere near Surulere.


How do you mean, please?


I don’t understand the question :blush:


You could leave out the “tutorial videos downloads” part. I just need good fast Internet that won’t be so expensive so that I can get some downloads (in gigabytes). If you know of any such hotpots, please mention them.


Buy a SwiftLTE4G modem and subscribe to the #8k (14GB 24/7) per month plan. You can download free from 12am - 6m. Hope that helps.


Keep in mind that downloading videos will take up a lot of data, which you’ll have to pay for somehow. You have a couple of options

  1. You can purchase your own internet access (do some research on the plans that give you the biggest GB bang for your buck). @pystar has already given you one option, and I’m sure there are more if you look for them.

  2. You can also pay for a few days at a coworking space and get the job done. See previous Radar thread for a few options: Alternatives to ccHub/iDea on Lagos Mainland?

  3. Find someone to donate their data to you. Good luck.


What do you want to download? I can help you free of charge. Inbox me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think the swift 4G LTE 8k plan is the best for him. I do 100GB+ downloads per month sometimes.


So this is the reason my Swift went to shit at nights when I need it the most.


Change location, although I suspect Swift has introduced some form of speed throttling. Its no longer as fast as before


I’m on a different plan that doesn’t include the free downloads, so I’ll take offence to any form of throttling. I’m beginning to consider Smile and that their fancy new white modem.


Praise God. Less load on our fragile network