I'm Tayo Oviosu, Founder & CEO of Paga, ask me anything :)


Thank you @oviosu for taking time to answer most of these questions. Your answers have been educating and informative.
Can you start a blog and write more often like Jason? Your thoughts and advices will go a long way in developing the ecosystem.


hi @udemesamuel thanks for the kudos…two thoughts reading your questions 1) Only start something you can get passionate about - there will be several tough moments and not just in the “startup phase”…your passion and desire to make a vision come through is what would keep you going. 2) Don’t discount the value of building your skills and experience first. Most successful startup founders started their companies in their late 30’s after years of work experience. Does not mean its not possible, just saying make sure you are prepared. I had worked over 11 years before I started Paga…All the best!


Hi @tadegbesan not late at all…still checking in and answering…thanks for the kudos…we have agents in 35 states and looks like we will be opening in Borno soon. We don’t publicly have a geographic map, but we have the data of course…so if you are thinking of working with us then you’d need to first engage us and we can discuss. tayo at pagatech dot com. Thanks!


@Nosaaaa we absolutely want shopify but they don’t let others build their own plugins as of last time we tried…maybe they will open that soon.


hi @leslie - Glad you’ve worked on helping Paga get out there…thanks…design thinking is a daily part of our company and one of the areas that gets my juices flowing - I love product design and think there are few things better than seeing a problem, designing a solution for it, and bringing it to live. We spend a lot of time understanding Human Centered Design and do our best to get out into the field to understand our target audience. We have a product innovation team that drives majority of this work along with our brand strategy team as well. Lots of resources at Ideo.org.


Hi @Dotunnn_ I used to have a blog the days before they were popular…I would like to blog, but frankly don’t have the time at the moment…will give it some thought though…thanks for prodding and glad the thoughts and advice are helpful.


Thanks for the shout out sir. :slight_smile:


Cool… :punch:



Please how can i integrate paga to my android app for mobike payment, like paga android sdk or something like that, is it possible.


How did you maintain your sanity during your first few months when you had very few users and things weren’t just going as planned?


Hello Mr Tayo. I have to say that Paga is definitely one of the leading software companies in Nigeria and that, in itself, is very impressive. I want to make an inquiry. Does Paga have an internship program and if yes, what would it take to become an intern?


Hello Tayo. Nice having you here.

I just had a quick glance over Paga and I am glad I found it. The concept is very nice and concepts like these actually help improving user experience during payments.

Smruti Ranjan


Hi. My question is… Do you support magento CMS? I contacted your office and the lady I spoke with said Your paga solution does not support magento. If true, why please?

I’m working on a music distribution system for Nigeria and Africa, I want to make Naira the main currency for transaction and Paga has been the first on my mind since I started working on this project.

We are live on www.nibimix.com and our problem now is integrating a payment system. All major internation payment systems do not accept naira as transaction currency.

Is there a way around this?



Can I be your P.A?