I'm Seni Sulyman, Country Director of Andela, Ask Me Anything!



Hello and congratulations on the major milestone.

My question is simple. How are your numbers? is this Model sustainable for the Longterm?


@king_namo spent a few minutes trying to figure out how best to answer. I guess the most straightforward answer is that several global investors, close to 700 really smart people, and a whole lot of partners have bet on our model working. So we expect Andela to be sustainable for a fairly long time to come.


Hi @Fopefolu send me your email address here or tweet at me and I’ll forward your message to someone on the team to look into.




@Fopefolu You should hear from someone in a 24-48 hours.


I think it helpful if we all participate in AMAs during its allotted time, after which it is polite to allow the gentlemen and ladies who answer these questions get back to work. Follow-up questions can always be sent via DM.

@moderators - I think it also helps if AMAs are announced ahead of time (and they usually are) but crucially, they should be closed on schedule. I think 24 hours is sane unless the AMA subject requests otherwise. Perhaps we should have a fixed day for AMAs e.g. AMA Fridays?


You are exactly right. In fact, there is a laid-out process for most of this already, and AMAs are almost always announced days/a week ahead of time. This one was mostly impromptu, in response to Andela’s Series C announcement. We have a list of potential AMA guests and a loose schedule/timeline, so it’s a question of tightening up loose ends.

Re: fixed days, we will take that into consideration as well. Cheers. (Aside: following @TechCabal on Twitter and subscribing to the daily newsletter is a good way to find out about these things before everyone else - especially the newsletter).

Thanks a lot to @senisulyman, @nadayar, @PuleTaukobong, for taking time out to do this, and the rest of the Andela team for pulling the strings from behind the stage. This thread will now close.