If the Chance to win an iPhone is tied to a marketing strategy... What impact will it have on you?


Imagine that there is a service currently available in the market, and this service has established players controlling the industry.

Also imagine that you use this service very regularly… about 3-5 times a week with the current players.

Now a new player is coming into the market and this new player runs a lucky draw at 10:00am everyday. The lucky winner of this draw wins an iPhone… yes an iphone is given out daily!

To qualify for the draw all you need to do is to use the service at least once in the preceding 24 hours. The more times you use the service in any given 24 hours period, the higher your chance of winning the iphone.

Now it gets better… you can convince your friends to use this service too. When they do, you are given a referral bonus… and if someone you invited wins the iPHONE, you automatically win one too, provided you used it too in the preceding 24 hours.

In summary, two iphones are given everyday at 10:00am to two lucky winners. The first winner is determined by a lucky draw, and the second winner is the person that brought the first winner onboard…

So, is this marketing technique strong enough to motivate you to switch over to the new service provider?


It will most definitely work for the average Nigerian market. Same reason why betting and Lottery works.

But for me, Honestly I am not moved by raffle draws. The odds of winning are always 1:1000000 same reason i don’t bet or do lottery etc. But if the service is one that provides a better value than what is currently offered, I will def use it. but,


As long as the service does not cost more than an iPhone (or cost more than the cheapest service provider that matches the cost with the same level of service)

Conclusion: No impact. The strategy to retain customer is the key.


since you did not inform us about the both services…That depends on what the service provider that comes on board is offering… If its an empty promise such as the TSTV did, if they had employed same strategies that you just suggested in a bid for me to switch from DSTv, I would simply get the iphone and again back to DSTv
The bottom line is, unless your service is super good and I mean better than your competitor, am sorry, your effort will be in vain…