Idea validation Platform for users and businesses


Guys, Do you think having an AI powered platform that can validate whether your idea has potentials or not in a market , should be a thing?

The idea that AI technology, using a lot(tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, ?) of end points, can somewhat provide evidences that point to whether an idea has market potential or not, doesn’t look far fetched to me.

I honestly have no answer to this question, I am confused. That’s why I am asking it here. So, guys please tell me what you think.


Very valid, but first you would need to define a set of steps that can help you can use to see/check that an idea has potential. Convert these steps into a process, and you have your initial ‘algorithm’.

Next, you find the best way to digitise this process and algorithm and make a model of it. You train it to work with a set of ideas data and voila you are close to the AI you speak of.