Idea solution to Nigeria unavailability to connect to the internet


I have this idea and I thinking it solve the connectivity issue Nigeia have accessing the internet but I did not know how to get started?
Here is the idea
“Due to the face that most Nigeria wears footwears, what if a modem footwear is built, people get the footwear modem at an affordable price, it work like a wireless modem, user connect through WI-FI, the modem connect to nearby telecommunication mast. An app is built for user to interface with modem.
In the app user has access to select 5 website they want to access when offline.”
What is you take on it?


How will you make sure the modem is affordable? Will you be able to control the costs?

Is it going to be part of a footwear or an accessory for my footwear?

What’s wrong with the modem on my phone? Why not use that to connect with the mast?

How will you obtain masts? Bandwidth? Storage for the cached content? Maintenance costs?

How will you manage day to day updates of each site’s content so I can continue from where I left off?

There are a lot of things going on here…

Maybe if we had a president cutting off internet access, we could make use of an ‘offline’ system like this but without the footwear part. You’d have to start downloading lots of sites and content now though and you can work with the government to ensure the content fits their agenda - win win - something like Cuba’s EL PAQUETE but accessible from any device.


I will start like this…
The modem will we inbuilt with the footwear.
why i am agaist the use of modem on your phone because of user’s cost. subscribing to the internet is not expensive as but users are rewarded with bad network service…
when i said mast i mean tele-comunication tower they are everywhere and people pay to add service to the mast based on my research and it a win-win for the tele-communication tower owner having a platform to subscribe to it yearly.
Managing day to day is normal users will be promt to come online.
Yes if the government come to aid. the footware will just be acting as a storage of offline website and a modem to connect to the internet


What is the advantage of having an in built modem in my footwear? Do I have to wear the shoe all the time to access your network?

Ask yourself; are you interested in getting people connected or building a footwear that has a modem?

Why not leverage on what works already like you’re leveraging on Masts?

If its implemented as an ordinary wifi network, anyone could connect with a phone. What is the utility of your modem if I have to wear one footwear and only have access to limited websites?

What If I don’t want to wear your footwear? No modem for me?


Just like normal modem you just have to be around it to access it.the website are not limited…due to the cost of subscription the limited website data are cached on the footwear for offline accessibility.


So I just have to be around a footwear to be accessing the network? When I can carry something more mobile and invisible (like a Pebble mifi) without having to worry about whether the footwear matches today’s look?

Oh! do I need to get two? One for casual outfits and one for formal places such as the office. Or maybe I should just put the footwear in my laptop bag.

Your answer shows too much interest in putting a modem in a footwear than solving the problem you’re aiming at - lack of connectivity.

Let me make it clear - its a gimmick.

Lets say you were in America where options like Google Fi exist. Maybe you could create shoes like this for teens to brag about but even then, if you had a phone or more mobile device that can connect, you’d get beaten because there’s no real utility to using a footwear when a phone’s modem or a smaller, more mobile, intermediary device would work.

But you’re free to pursue the idea - who knows?


thannk @the_long_game for the reply.
now i understand more



Design is hard. Innovation is even harder. Kudos to you for trying to solve problems around you.

Its helpful to think about the requirements and implication of whatever solution you want to implement.

For example. In the current scenario, you would need to convince investors to invest in not just a footwear (and designers) but also, a network.

So lets assume it works; You’d be competing with ISPs or perhaps ODSP? (Offline Data Service Providers) and other manufacturers who could choose to focus on just designing shoes with modems that connect to already available networks.

Remember - Firms like Spectranet already have the means to create such a network easily so they could just work with any and every shoe manufacturer who puts a modem or creates better form factors and win the market.

Focus is important.

Which is why Apple isn’t currently competing with Verizon or MTN.

But then again, nobody knows.