iDEA Hub: Relocating or Shutting Down?


First, there was -> this

Now, I came across -> this

Does anyone have any information on what’s really going on?


I read an article that has the same heading " idea hub is shutting down "
It’s contents talked about them relocating not shutting down. So I feel the title was just for attention, they are not shutting down Operations, they are just moving to the island according to


I think it’s a terrible move, but that’s just my first thought without details as regards “why” and plans.


Why is the general opinion of moving anything “tech” or “tech related” to the Island “Bad”?

In the tech cabal brief this morning, the writer said it is like “moving from silicon valley to wall street”.

Is this really a valid assumption? That the best place for anything tech to survive is the mainland, or Yaba to be specific? I think that just assumes that every tech startup is consumer facing. I’m of the opinion that enterprise-facing startups are better located close to their target market.

Obviously, the location of your target market isn’t the only factor to consider when considering the location of your startup/tech-business. Yes, there’s also the cost aspect, but I think we’re always to quick to issue a verdict of doom such moves are made.

Also as a tech hub, I guess the argument would also be most developers and entrepreneurs who need such services are based on the mainland…


We didn’t say it was bad. We only said it was counterintuitive. We also said we hadn’t asked to see if there’s a perfectly sensible reason. I’m sure there is.


I totally understand, its why I put the “bad” in double quotes.


Because there’s an assumption amongst a number of people that Yaba is the centre of the tech world and everything must revolve around it, even though you can literally count on your finger tips the number of “actual” tech companies that are in Yaba. But God forbid I get into this Yabacon (or left) debate today. Let me go back to work abeg.


:smile: @logbon72 It was the “Silicon Valley to Wall Street” bit in the article that tripped me up the most.


I did not know where to start as a reply to @donlafin and still don’t know. You can find answers to his questions right within his comments too, and a mix of assumptions.

Your reply helps me relax. :relaxed:


Hahaha. Welp.


I think the whole idea of moving from their current location to the Island kill the vision of supporting start ups, like noted island is Wall Street and its a place of full fledge competition


Wall Street is where the money is…