I redesigned Nairaland and wrote a Case Study


There is truth in what you are saying. Nobody is right or wrong, no need to prove that. We are all here to learn. Positive and constructive feedback is more helpful. It keeps the conversation going :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmmm! Sorry sir…


Thank you sir… I’ve been on nairaland since 2006, honestly the looks has become boring but most of the users might not feel the same way that I feel though.
If I were to suggest any changes to nairaland, It would be an independent message box instead of the system they have now : initiating conversations in my email box, I don’t like it.
And creating some sort of verification system so people could have verified profiles. It would cut down the trolling that happens there. At times I feel nairaland encourages trolling so as to increase engagement.


Yes, you are right on these things, One design/redesign can’t solve all the current site challenges at once, feedback from users too is also important, in design one also need to put the users in mind and not build something completely or far too different from what they are currently used to, maybe if this redesign was accepted/implemented, these things you mentioned and many others could be improved on, one feature at a time. Thanks for your contributions. Cheers!