I Present To You Areastatus - What's Happening In Your Area


It is difficult for people knowing what is actually going on in their locality. AreaStatus is here to make that happen in a simple and efficient way.

AreaStatus is a social media platform that helps you connect with your neighborhood and city. It keeps you updated with happenings in your area.

When it comes to local content, AreaStatus is an appropriate platform where you can actually share what is happening within your locality and neighborhood.

Individuals, students, professionals, workers, business men and women, traders etc. will come to find AreaStatus useful in one way or the other. They can easily harness it to promote what they do and what they have to offer. And this is made possible due to AreaStatus simplicity and the fact that they are reaching out to locals within a targeted area.

AreaStatus App is launching on April 25th grin. Countdown to launch @ http://www.areastatus.com. Like, share and tweet about us.

Follow us on twitter @AreaStatus_inc.

Stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime share your thoughts with us.

AreaStatus is now Live!

I love the concept bro - but the name is a challenge…I would prefer a name like Area.ng - It’s short, simpler and brandable.


This is actually going to be a big thing if you can scale it fast enough. Our own “NextDoor”! Get the numbers man!! I was talking to my driver about this on Saturday. This is badly needed along with a historical record of events. I want to know if a robbery has happened previously in a house I am going to rent.


You got it bro!


Thanks for your input. Area.ng is actually in the works. As for AreaStatus, we want to reach out to as many countries as possible. Right now, we are fully supporting Nigeria and United States and will gradually add other countries over the next couple of months.


Glad you like it. Do you have any ideas on how we can get out there like you stated.


It’s a cool idea with so many use cases…setting P sef follow. But I’ll love you to give a little insight into how it’ll work. Like will the areas be segmented in the app for easy access? Will users have to login first? Is it going to work like TWTR or FB, where users update status, check TL for posts, et al??

Finally, why an app? I’m thinking you could just create a pretty nimble web platform and see how things pan out first.

Just questions…


Really nice app, I can see it working. But before it starts to work, enough people within an area need to adopt it, else it is value-less to anyone on it.

So like Victor mentioned, you will need to growth hack intuitively for this to get enough users, to start enabling value for anyone on it.

I will suggest you copy Facebook’s early growth strategy, and tweak it a bit, to suit your needs. If you need any help with coming up with your strategy, I am more than happy to help.


Thanks for your insight.

Will the areas be segmented in the app for easy access?
Yes the areas are definitely segmented. No need for turning on your location. There is an offline location data ready to download which is just 1MB and it contains thousands of Nigeria locations for Nigerians and it includes, cities, villages, towns, state, univerisities, colleges, polytechnics etc. And if you cannot find a location, you can simply search for it as we have an online location database available, or use the sample guide as stated in the app to enter your location, or you check for your location data update under settings.

Will users have to login first?
No, AreaStatus is implemented just like WhatsApp because we know that people will exploring their favorite locations several times throughout the day.

Registration is by phone number and then you will logged in just like WhatsApp.

Is it going to work like TWTR or FB?
AreaStatus allows you to set your favorite locations with default locations already set for you which are Home, Work, School. There is a timeline where you can view post related to a particular location. You can easily post to your top locations (Home, Work, School) without having to check-in to the location directly.

After checking to a particular location, you can then filter the post using our popular tags e.g News, Events etc. or by trending tags as generated from users posts.

Finally, why an app? I’m thinking you could just create a pretty nimble web platform and see how things pan out first.

Like I stated earlier, it is a kind of app that will be useful and be used quite frequently which we also validated from our early users so going mobile first will be better strategy. Then there will be a web version later on.


Glad you love it. I am open to ideas and I definitely need help. I am the only on the team right now and I will really love it if you could help as regards the growth hack and Facebook’s early growth strategy implementation.


Cool, I can help with tips, guides and all that, but you will have to do the work yourself. Here goes…

Facebook focused on small closed usergroups or communities like Universities to test and gain active users, and it can work for you. Where you go to somewhere like UNILAG and work through a student oganization say AIESEC, SIFE or the likes, to get adoption amongst the students.

Do note that, once you start getting users, you need a way to manage them and make it easier to match the content being produced and the users producing it with the users who will consume this content. This will be in your product design, and for this I suggest you read Platform Revolution.


Thanks so much for your response. I have digested all your suggestions :grinning:, will work on it.


It will be nice to have an email subscription attached to your landing page so that you could generate a mailing list. Just out of curiosity, what is your monetisation strategy? Are thinking of adverts? or you will figure that later based on traffic?


I actually wanted to do this but I just overlooked it. Maybe because I tried to setup mailchimp but it was always disabled.

As for monetisation strategy, I am currently using admob for the time being. Although we have our business strategy but we will only implement it when we hit our first 1 million users.


7 days to go. Are you ready?


On the day of launch, AreaStatus App will be available on Google Play store for download. We will all download the app, register and share with our colleagues and friends.

The more we keep using the app, the better it becomes, and the better the user engagement At the long run, AreaStatus start becoming popular. And this is all we need to gradually scale the app to our first 1 million active users by December. Is this doable? let’s wait and see.


Hey man, if you got a presser for the launch, just forward it to reachmeomhere at gmail dot com


We are hours away from AreaStatus Launch. Hang on :grinning:


Nice one,. I had thought about this idea sometime ago, but WESABI has taken over my life right now…


Glad to know. Checked your website. It is really cool.