I need experts in the house to advice me please


Hello House,

I have a web project at hand to design a simple hotel booking site for a client. I use drupal for most of my sites including my official business site www.pukena.ng. However, in trying to use drupal to build this particular project, I found that that there is no book now module. I am trying to make it easy for user to after selecting a room, they can click a button, “book now” that will connect them to the payment page. Pls check hotels.ng and jumiatravel site to see what i mean.

Here is a temporary link to the site. www.pukena.com.ng/voyage

I need a drupal expert in the house who can help me achieve this. Alternatively, if there is a better hotel book theme or CMS, that can achieve what I want, i need the suggestions.

By the way, on what platform is hotels.ng built?

Thanks for your support


Well, I don’t have much experience with Drupal, but you could check out WordPress. As for Hotels.ng, I think it’s custom built.


wordpress is your best bet.


WordPress would do the job


I have experience with both Drupal and wordpress. Drupal gives you much more power at the expense of a steep learning curve.

If you’re willing to dig deep you can get more out of Drupal but if this is just a one-time thing, like others, I’d recommend Wordpress


Thanks all. Maybe I should consider wordpress


Wordpress is the world most powerful content management system and you can do almost anything with it. I have different beautiful and responsive booking themes for wordpress I use for clients.


Only government workers (a.k.a semi tech illiterates) use Joomla & Drupal when you have wordpress with a bazillion plugins, the self inflicted frustrastion is unneccessary