I need a reliable SMS API provider for Nigerian Web and mobile application


Hello guys,
Please I need your recommendations on any good and affordable sms API provider I can use to send sms from my web application,
Airsob , I think could have fit in but they are still on private better even after several months.
I need a service I can use to send time crucial messages like OTP.

Please kindly recommend.



This was already addressed in a similar enquiry I made sometime ago

I went for Africa’s Talking and they have been reliable so far. Thanks to @mikedeace

I also use Bulk SMS Nigeria for general purposes and they are also reliable from my experience.


@Lordemma, you can try www.eStoreSMS.com for this. It is affordable (one of the cheapest) with high delivery rate. You can also use the platform to deliver messages to DND numbers.

(I know only 3 SMS platforms that can deliver messages to DND numbers in Nigeria and eStore is the second platform to activate this feature)

You can PM me or send mail to info@estoreSMS.com


Thanks for your response bro,
I’ll check it out


Thanks for your response.
I will check it and get back


We have clients using our services for such on www.kudisms.net We also provide you full access to Delivery Reports. Transactional route is also available.


Hi bro,
are you guys able to send to DND numbers ?


Yes,we do.



use infobip


LOL, is this legal?


@lordbanks, this is how it works:

There are 2 major traffic channels for SMS.

  1. One is like a broadway…It is cheap and has many traffic. It is the one used for sending promotional messages, the regular bulkSMS you know :slight_smile:

  2. The second one has less traffic and it is more costly. It is not affected by DND, that is why Banks use it to send transactional bank alerts

So, if a bulkSMS provider has access to this 2nd SMS channel, it can send SMS to DND activated numbers, though the cost will be higher. As at date, there is less than 10 of such bulkSMS providers in Nigeria.

On eStoreSMS platform, you have the option to select the SMS channel tou want to use to send your SMS and you will get detailed delivery report for messages sent.

Disclosure: I am affiliated to eStore


As an aside, SMS API providers, please when you allow programmers send SMS programmatically using your API, also provide a way for them to check the SMS delivery status using your API. It’s quite frustrating when you see a great SMS API provider who doesn’t provide this feature. Programmers won’t want to log into your platform to check the delivery status of every message sent by their web/mobile app using your platform. They will like to monitor it from their end.

And if you’re an overachiever, you can also do what we do on Airsob and trigger your user’s callback URL when there’s a change in the SMS delivery status. Trust me, your users will love you for it.


so true @Light. We take a similar approach at Africa’s Talking. Our users can also poll the API for the delivery status of messages.



Reliable provider for your Web and mobile apps where you can get report programmatically by API. www.mebosms.com. They can send to DND numbers but will only require some basic requirements from you which takes a basic phone call. Full disclaimer i’m on the development team but it’s a beautiful product.


Was looking for an SMS API for a product I’m working on, and I decided to try yours, just tried sending myself an SMS, and it worked! Amazing stuff man! About to try out the API integration.