I need a blog equity investor with android app development skill


so many things wrong with that pitch, I would say you are simply not ready for investment at this point in time. Keep hustling and learning on your own for now.


Hmm…the value of a visitor(s) from radar coming righr off this thread which major attraction is a ‘URL-less’ 5-figure blog looking for investment? I’d bet all I have in my wallet while stranded in the middle of 3rd mainland bridge that the visits will produce his longest site time, but zero sales. Zero conversion.

As blogging in this part of the world mature, and more and more Africans get online, the rush for golden niches will highlight a very important landmark.

Bloggers will hoard the shit out of every white niche they find. We are not yet there yet, a few more years maybe.


I beg to disagree. So are you saying it’s only visitors from Radar that are sensible enough to clone this “Url-less” blog? Or maybe you are under the impression that it’s only Nigerians that clone…

Please enlighten me…



Can we go now?


Bet everything you have while stranded in the middle of nowhere for all I care. You are trying too hard to defend this weirdass situation. I mean, it’s a public URL for christ sakes with all kinds of SEO boasts in earlier mentions on this forum.

If you say absolutely that nobody would be converted, you’re implying that he came looking for the investor in the wrong place. Why aren’t you responding to him telling him that?

@opeawo Go where? Don’t be that guy.


@xolubi I would love not to be that guy, but then I’m not sure the blogger in question here is even drawing any feedback from this. He needs to be helped but not sure he wants to be helped.

I guess I got tired too quickly.


Not sure I could have put it better.


@Sayo, My five figure starts from 90k. In the last 4 months, it’s been more than 100k and still growing. I have 4 sources of income from this blog - no Google Adsense.

Its browsingphones.com - but you should know that this blog niche is highly competitive in Nigeria, especially where you have the likes of NaijaTechGuide, Mobility, TechCityNg, Geek.NG, etc. What kept me on top is my unique traffic strategy which no one is taking advantage of right now.

I bet you, you won’t even find your way on top page at all if you copy. I started this blog early this year @Sayo you’ve confirmed that and it’s not even up to a year.

Interested app developer should contact me: Oge@browsingphones.com


Also, the 150k is the current value of 5% equity based on my equity valuation skill. I have a good bar ground in Accounting and I have already done my analysis by factoring future cash flow from this blog.

Whoever I will be working with will only develop one app per year which I will be promoting aggressively on my blog and monetized via Admob which means aside from the share of current cash flow, you still have a stake in the app revenue: 50-50 profit sharing formula. (at least I am not greedy)


It’s a URL for Christ’s sake, not Google’s code repo! Even Elon Musk’s reuseable rocket design is not kept secret like this.

He has 10k plus people who already know about the site and could ‘steal’ his idea. Why is he still keeping it away from Radar?

People who keep their hustle secret do not look for investors openly.

Plus we already established in an earlier thread that no one can steal your idea, remember?


If you think the 5% equity is overvalued, you can opt for App revenue share - Build an App, Let’s share the money Wink*


Well I guess if you don’t have confidence in yourself, no-one else will. Good luck to you.


For one, we already know it is profitable and by how much too. A random visitor couldn’t tell that by just visiting the site.

And, i wager, every radar user can at least set up a blog. Hence making everyone a potential competitor.

Ah…you hurt me bro.

You are trying too hard to defend this weirdass situation

Looky here; the point am trying to establish is simple, it happened in the US/EU it will happen here; Domination of lucrative niches.

There is a very popular example in the early AM days in the US, a little known affiliate was creaming 6 figures in sales monthly off selling bird cages online, the top affiliate communities never knew of this lucrative niche till he made local headlines selling the site for $600K or so. Selling bird cages, buddy, just bird cages.

A partner of mine made X million Euros off commissions selling small loans in Sweden, Finland, Denmark etc during the global economic slump of 2008 upwards. Nobody tells you want they are doing, what niches are profitable until they’re done milking it.

SEO boast? You kidding me. I will show you guys with machineries that can rank for ‘Insurance’ on Google /Bing/Yahoo in under 10 months with a brand new URL. Only to be penalized after a manual review or something, before which they’ve raked in $XX millions in commissions. Some very Blackhat Sh*t. Google fights these guys off every single day.

I cut my teeth playing major league SEO, so i know. Its an Entire industry bro.

Imagine going to a forum like Wickedfire/DP/WF (and these are the whitehat forums) and out a lucrative niche you’ve been sitting on, in just weeks bro, you’d be knocked out of the 1st page ranking for every useful keyword, its that brutal.

I wager, things will get equally brutal here with time. So if OP wants to keep his URL/Niche secret only to out it with interested persons in a PM, then by all means.

@xolubi why would i validate my investor by interest in what am selling, rather than in what my bottomline is saying to them? So if he/she doesn’t buy from me, then s/he isn’t an interested investor? Interesting logic!


why are you like this? :joy:


You keep chanting admob. :no_mouth:

I thought IOS 9 shipped with adblock.

And if trends are anything to go by, other major mobile OS will follow suit.

Maybe you do have another strategy. :neutral_face:


You said you have four ways of making money via the website and no Google AdSense but I can see one


Ok. Enough.

This is how I read the situation. Please feel very free to correct me.

  1. It is a dot com which is good.
  2. You are affiliated with e-commerce sites and they even advertise there, which is good.
  3. You have traffic which is also very good.
  4. You started simple with Wordpress and now you want to grow but want tech as part of the mix and you have set a benchmark to protect yourself which is reasonable.

Here is my proposition. I can be your blog equity investor and back you with a team that has Android skills. Not just one person. A team is always better and reduces risk. We can talk better percentages, if I also tell you what else you can do with the blog that you are not doing yet. #NoPressure.

I believe you need more than an app. You need partnerships. You have some great partnerships already. More will not hurt. I can help you with tech (for the app and more) and more partnerships. I also know some new vertical marketplaces opening up who could use your services. You probably need each other. I have a special love for verticals.

I think the request should be reversed. Instead, you send me a deck or simple mail if interested, and lets talk about how much more you can achieve with this property - victor@afrinnova.com


its been 2 years or what? Please http://browsingphones.com


It’s now https://browsingphone.com


I just checked the Alexa and Similarweb ranking for that blog, no way you are getting 10k views daily with the stats I saw.