I need a blog equity investor with android app development skill


I need an equity investor with an excellent app development skill who will be part of my blog income growth team. Currently, I earn five figure profit and are looking for a partner that will develop an app that could be monetized via Admob.

Required equity amount = 150,000k for 5% ownership share which I know would be recouped in 7 months or less (Just an estimate).

I am not interested in your money but the skill you’ll bring onboard.

My blog is a mobile phone focused blog that receives 10k visit per day (still growing) and has helped an app owner enjoy 100 - 200 installs per day.

Drop your comment, let’s chat.


At this point, you have to give us the link to this blog.


Am only revealing my link to interested person (s) with app portfolio (proof)


Ahh, you’re forgetting the first rule…‘trust no one’. Or the second rule ‘they can steal your idea’…this applies even for a public blog.


hmmm! @PapaOlabode, meaning?


Meaning I personally don’t understand why the blog can’t be made public. It’s not exactly proprietary information, is it?


the blog url in your bio or another one?


Lol. Like, it’s a blog that supposedly makes money and therefore implies people visit it. Yet, for all the congratulations he’s received on this forum, we have no idea what the link to the blog is.


Some information are best kept secret! Yet we should remember ideas are a dime a million - execution is the key. But if another guy with mad execution and deep pocket get hold of your ‘juicy’ idea a la Rocket Internet, you are in deep trouble!!

I agree this is not the case here - all we want to know is the link to a blog that is supposed to be in public domain


Save yourselves the stress and go checkout the dude’s profile, come back and thank me later.


Why is everybody concerned about d URL and not the content of this post…?


Because everyone, including the prospective Investor would like to know how the idea looks like before submitting his portfolio. The blog URL serves as your own portfolio submission.

Since you mentioned that the blog is already bringing traffic and money, it is normal for people to verify your claim.

So take the lead.


Instead of giving Equity , why don’t you just hire a developer? Since its a one time thing.


Let me get this straight: 10k+ people visit your blog every day but you are keeping the link secret?


For all we care only 1000 people may have visited his blog since inception but only by his admission on this thread do y’all know it’s a profitable one.

Why the heck would he give away his blog niche on a public thread?

C’mon guys, If Linda didn’t buy a car and house, Nigerians would still think she was a jobless gossip. And since she did how many more gossip blogs have cropped up?

If you are interested inbox him or something, Radar is not entitled to his blog URL.


Dude, you have a shop at Onitsha and it’s very profitable. You approached different bank managers for a loan and guarantee that you can pay back in 7 months. They asked to see the shop as part of thier due diligence and you say no unless they can prove to you that they have money.

The credible Bank Mangers just shakes thier head and moves along thinking there is something not right here…


Interesting analogy. Let me help you;

Giving away his blog URL on this thread instead of outing it with interested person over PM, is like walking into a bank with the ‘Onitsha shop papers’ and negotiating loan with every uniform he finds on the floor.

Which should be business only with the managers.


Except that he ended his initial post with “drop a comment, let’s chat”… I did, and promptly got shut out. Yes, something is not right.

Your analogy sucks anyway. His blog supposedly has visitors and is still growing. Putting the link here might help convert new visitors as the audience isn’t locked. That’s not negotiating loan with every uniform he finds on the floor, that’s making them aware of his business and getting more potential customers in the process. Afterall, the investor is putting money in because of the growth potential.


Your reluctance to post a link is dodgy, just FYI. You need the help more than the person who could help you needs you.


Hi Guys…

So I also run a website, and I just did an online How much is this site worth comparison with mine…he is right about the 10k visits per day, but that’s total visits not unique visitors

Comparing his earnings to mine, I’m pretty sure that 5 figure claim is anything between N10,000 and N99,999. I also found out the site has been running for about 6 months, and to be fair, this is quite impressive for a niche market. He is also pretty committed with over 100 pages worth of content.

I honestly think this has some potential! What I like about it is that he has traction…it may not be some funky tech app people propose on the site daily, but it much more of a business than most ideas that are put forward because he actually has traction.

But to be fair, you need to up that offer. No credible person is going to work for 5% and stay dedicated. 30% should be the absolute minimum especially since your revenues are not in the millions yet.