I just noticed this... A possible security flaw on radar


As part of their checks to ensure security, radar white lists or black lists IP.

I’m using MTN and couldn’t login, only for me to try a VPN (Psiphon) and got access to my account.

Is that the new way now, or a security flaw?


Does Radar really need that?


I don’t know


MTN is having problem. I couldnt login on MTN but logged in comfortably on other networks. Throughout yesterday, i couldnt access google on MTN. So painful.


That is not a security flaw though. Using VPN will make the website see you differently (assigning a different IP). You not being able to access your account while browsing with your MTN line might be because the IP assigned to you by MTN for that connection was blocked by Radar, or your assigned IP is in range of blocked IP on Radar.
A way Radar can defend this is that upon noticing a traffic from a VPN service, make your account temporarily not available, to be reactivated after confirming your identity (ID card, SMS, or even BVN… yep, we’re getting there).


I had this problem too, i was also on mtn. had to switch to my home internet.


So, is the flaw that Radar doesn’t ban VPN users?


It is the thought that Radar bars access if coming through a particular network which is not true. Most times, it results from the mobile network’s DNS server acting up. Most of the providers tend to try resolving DNS locally while others use public DNS which is well managed compared to the in-house DNS servers.


where is the flaw? You’re using a vpn.


Well, I felt my login was locked to a particular IP for security and at that a foreign IP shouldn’t get access to my account (Based on the error message I got). Im sure you understand me better now @Surh and @stigwue