I have an app idea but I do not think I can develop alone


It’s a leisure project, nothing serious, it’s a lockscreen app, I want to build a lockscreen app for android. It would simply replace the current, default one with the same slide to unlock thing. I have searched all over for a tutorial but I am yet to find any that talks about this in detail. Can I get any help from here?


Check out these links:

Haven’t used them myself, so I don’t know how good they are, but for your sake I hope they’re okay.

But you need to have some knowledge of Android development first. It’s important.


You need some Android knowledge like @Diakon pointed out. You can apply for Andela’s Android Learning Community via bit.ly/alc-apply or better still take some Android courses on udacity.com


Thanks. I do have some Android Development experience…


@Diakon did justice to the thread. Studying those examples will surely help.


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Are you a spambot?


I’ve taken notice of him now, thanks.


Well, of course, the easiest way is to find any special application development service like https://appmemobile.com/ and asked them for help. But if you really want to do this by your own - you can do it! There are a lot of lessons, tutorials and free courses, some cool articles you have already got from other users. Just find some great online courses, even Youtube tutorials or any other stuff you like, create your idea to the smallest details and go on! When I created my first app it was hard, but I did this, and now I am working as an app developer and I am really happy. Who knows, maybe after that, you will start your own development way.