I am Mark Essien, Founder of Hotels.ng, ask me anything!


Nice startup! :thumbsup:


Hello Mark,

So I’ve been thinking: people with “Mark” as their names are synonymous with digital success. You know, Mark Zuckerberg, and now (apparently) Mark Essien. I think I should probably change my name to Mark too!
Ok. That was a weak joke, obviously.

On a serious note, sorry this question is coming in a bit late. Hope you do not mind. Here it goes:

I’m terribly sick of the “Startup” business title everyone wants to string to whatever idea they have. Like it provides a certain amount of prestige to them. I understand entrepreneurship is about business. And let’s face it, business is about making money off of people! Either by providing a service or product. I also believe the ideal and timeless business structure is to be able to convert $500 to $1,000.

Question 1:
Why did you believe Hotels.ng was GOING TO WORK?
(I mean, it’s not exactly like the concept was entirely solo to you. Probably others would’ve been nursing the idea). Was it a gamble? A random shot at “developing” something?

Question 2:
Do you honestly believe an ideal business idea/concept must provide a solution to a problem? Or could an ideal business idea be a disruptive innovation? That is, something (a service or products) that depends on people having to alter their patterns and lifestyle to be able to utilize it.

These are my questions for now. Thanks a ton in anticipation of your answer.


Lemme epp you and call him.
@mark ooo insert incantations I summon you…

On your second question, I’m no smart dude, but I think the underlying proposition should be creating value. It would take a valuable product/service for me to do this;[quote=“Gideon, post:107, topic:711”]
alter their patterns and lifestyle
Now, whether every valuable product/service is dependent or independent on solving problems is a question I’d leave for someone else…


Ah @Gideon, you are real lucky and I’ll tell you why.

Your question 1 has been preempted and answered by Mark himself in this TechCabal article http://techcabal.com/2016/04/28/an-analysis-of-hotels-ng-2012-pitch-that-was-sent-to-rocket-internet/

Take a look.

Summary: He believed it was gonna work, not out of belief and hope and blah blah blah, but out of rigid analyses.


I bet you already have insight to the questions you asked. How he worked from home? and how he accessed the closest filling station to purchase fuel for his generator?

Good one with Jobinpal; we still have lots of untapped schemes in the Unemployment and Job Search Niche.

Cooking… will soon serve you.
However, noticed you’re not even in beta yet so please cook something spicey. And the white guys on your landing page is far-fetched from Nigerian theme I think. Well-done @udemesamuel


Mark, not sure if it’s too late, but if not:
#1. Congrats! To be blogged about in Medium and TechCrunch is no small feat!
#2. What are the top two things you’d advice fledgling African Entrepreneurs with global vision like yourself to be cautious of or to take into account?


Hi mark, good evening sir…

I have just one request…
Please I want an opportunity to sit one on one and talk with you. I believe you are also into raising and encouraging young entrepreneurs.
That’s all I ask for and it’ll be a dream come through if you honor it sir…
More wisdom in all your dealings

Victor Chinyeaka (Awka) 08034182004…