How much would it cost to build a car hailing service app/software in Nigeria like Uber?


A friend of mine is thinking of starting something in that line in one of the states in Nigeria and so wanted to know the cost of building such software. I told him i wasnt sure. Thought i should come here to ask.


Get a quote from Devcenter people. @CaptSpacely @FatherMerry @Akinfals


Good you came to right place. We are specialists in mobile app development. At Devaton Technology Ltd we are extremely passionate about delivering the best product for our clients. Because happy clients means happy company, eventually. So about your friend’s app, the tech required for it is quite challenging, but we can provide it to him. If you want to go with us we charge N2,600/hr($8.25/hr) and the job would take 480hrs(3months, 40hrs/week), so that will be N1,248,000.
You could go for an Indian company, who will charge you x10 of that amount but the same tech. Or you could try a European or American company, and they will charge you x20 or x30 of our price. Ours is because labor is somewhat cheaper here in Nigeria. In case you’re interested call at 07060690440 or email at Good luck.