How many of you use Google Drive? and how frequent?


Hi, I’m building a product around Google Drive, essentially adding a little extra service to it.
A lot of person outside the shores use cloud storage like Google Drive a lot especially for team file sharing.

So, I would like to know how many persons around in Nigeria use it for both personal and team collaboration use.

Please comment below if you use it, why you use it and how frequent.

PS: The service I have in mind circles around productivity and coming to think of it, why are there no productivity startups in Naija?


The idea is awesome, i have a lot of things i wish i could share on my system. I think we need to build the culture of sharing information and stuffs among each other not everytime “how much?” “pay”


Nice @surh try it out and start sharing!!


I agree that most of us do have lots of files that would be beneficial to others but we still keep them to ourselves like stashed gold. We pride ourselves to having such files. Beyond some certain file types that solicit entertainment to us like viral videos and images, we tend to stash the rest which we think are valuable and know can’t be discovered easily (Thumbs ups to @gabe for that insight).


Nice concept but I don’t think I need it though. Reason being that 99% of my content are downloaded online so instead of going through the stress of re-uploading content online again, I guess it’s better I just share the download link to the person so that he/she can grab a copy.


yea but sometimes the links to download them you might not have or the link might be dead.


True that but most times the links are live


Part of the appeal is that others won’t necessarily discover your shares via your share links ( and you don’t have to manually distribute your share link). Making your shares public means anyone can view the file regardless if share link is broken or not.


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