How likely are you to use a bot in your day to day life?


Hey everyone :wave: long time reader/follower first time writer.

I have a question that I’d love to pose here, so here goes it

Guys are creating bots everywhere! Challenges are encouraging people to build bots. This is amazing stuff because people are unlocking the potential of bots and I suppose simplifying processes.

So the bots are released, but who uses them, and how frequently. What is the value add to day to day processes?..
I’ve been intrigued by bots and I love using them, but haven’t used one consistently.

So far I only see 3 categories of bots that I might use.

  1. A financial bot. One to help me plan my expenses and blah blah blah…I need that in my life😝
  2. Food food food…ordering food, pay and all that goodness, you might like this demo :point_right:
  3. Learning! I’d use one to show me demos or answer questions on projects I’m working on idk…
    But these are the three categories of bots I have kind of used (all are still in production, some pretty darn smart
    Ideally those that would make me use messenger voluntarily.

I don’t know if I have asked my question yet, I tend to rumble along but I’d like to know, do you use bots, see yourself using one frequently or building one that you see is sustainable.

Well, there it is


Awesome to see bot enthusiast around!
I see bot as a necessity, though it will take a little bit more time to see massive adoption.
Success stories are popping up all over for brands and businesses who have admittedly seen higher conversation rate on their products (I don’t want to ramble around analytics and sales funnel increase rates).

Personally, I see more categories of bots and more use cases would spring up. It’s still early days for us (bot builders/designers).
All we can do is experiment on it now and fail fast.


Hi, great question here. I currently use one on a daily basis for marketing our ecommerce site. It’s very useful if your routine changes. Also, it did a better job of targeting/retargeting than every digital marketing person we have tried. Sometimes I get frustrated when it doesn’t show the human side I will like to express. But it takes a lot of work off me. As for the human side, I’ve begun noting areas it can improve so as to recommend and if possible work on an improvement.
Bots I would really like; a bot to sort out work by priority based on items from my notes, google docs, google calendar, income statement, website backend and analytics.
Personally, I won’t mind a bot to sort out my fridge and storage, then make an order from supermart. That’s after checking my bank balance.


hi, i’d like to know which?


Well, here is a secret bot-project currently in beta. We’re currently taking users feedback and breaking things. :smiley:

Meet Laide; Order Food, Check out Cinemas, Buy tickets, Watch trailers, Find out about upcoming shows in Lagos… :smile:

She is on Messenger and you can chat with her here
I think you can also ask her for news and play some little games with her. :sunglasses:

Again, it’s still early days and a lot of learning is involved.


Interesting choice of words here. What does wide adoption look like to you?..


I like this actually…this can be quite useful if it can be implemented. But considering how ‘basic’ a bot is in terms of interactions, how do you see this being visualised.

By basic I mean, a bot is basically a conversation. its a q & a interface…how much information can we transmit using this interface. Is there a way to make it more than it is?


What bot is that please?


Depends on your profession or line of interest. Its either Board of Trustees or roBOT. :grinning:


Funny guy :smirk: