raises $1.2 million from Omidyar and EchoVC


Boom! Congrats @mark

Jason Njoku on Hotels' $1.2 million raise

Congrats indeed @mark! Well done!!!



I wonder if he was asked the kind of questions he used for his job interview

I wish him continued success and positive growth.


Congratulations to @mark - probably one of the smartest guys I’ve spoken to! Fundraising is not something to praise but I think this is honestly encouraging and inspiring news for the “ecosystem” (it is to me anyway). Here’s to more growth :wine_glass:


Congratulations @mark - well done.


Congrats @mark, much more is expected from you now!


Inspiring! Nice one @mark


Congrats @mark well done! Another great African story!


I just kept multiplying 1.2 by 200. Plenty plenty money. E good to be entrepreneur o.


Congratulations, Mark.


Congratulation Mark


Brilliant news. Congrats to @mark and the entire team. I bet the interview process will be even trickier now :smirk:


Congratulations @mark !

Judging by this post, I’m estimating the deal was done at ~$4 million post money valuation :wink:


Congratulations, Mark and the team.



Radar AMA with @mark begins at 4pm on this thread, start asking!


Multiply by 10. That’s how much money he has to return to be considered a success. Plenty plenty money… Entrepreneurship is hard work … #dontpanic