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The reality is similar to what you’d find here because data is relatively expensive. I am not sure if the content providers here “endorse” the peer-peer distribution but it’s definitely a distribution channel here. Are you aware of a case study (public) where a content provider facilitate peer-to-peer distribution? It’ll be interesting to see the approach.

Regarding this :point_down: hurdle, how are you designing for it? Do you collect less data upfront and collect more as you go?


Hey @udezekene, I can’t think of one offhand but I know of brands that will partner with providers of “free” wifi to push their apps on the splash page. Nudge me on twitter @babusinyoni and I’ll try and find it for you.
Regarding information frugality, one thing that has greatly aided in alleviating it is the use of social media logins. With just 2 taps, users can access a platform through consenting to provide their basic information (the wording of that is very important). Users see a logo they trust (Facebook/Twitter etc), and linguistic tonality that implies the app could have been more invasive but isn’t and they more often than not consent.
Additional requests for user data are easy once trust is established and the purpose of the application has been docked.
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Yes it does. Thank you :smile:
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Got a few more questions. Indulge me. :smile:

What is the UX community like in SA?
Is there a dedicated meetup/community for UX professionals?
Amongst the UX professionals in SA, are they mostly self-taught, or learn from an educational institution
Can you speculate on the design culture among companies (tech or not)? Is HCD top of mind or they hire a UI designer to make the product “look pretty” before shipping?


Hey @udezekene, sure!
The community here is growing and yes, we do have regular meetups.
Most UX professionals have gone through a higher learning institution, being self taught is not really commonplace in the field in South Africa.
And regarding HCD, it is top of mind for a lot of R&D and product development arms. Entry to market is a tricky thing in emerging markets.


Thanks you. I’ll follow up on Twitter.


Thank you to everyone who joined the chat today, I hope I was of use to you in some way.
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