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Dripp is an online stage that conveys Scratch Cards electronically and in a split second for card shoppers in Nigeria. We are at present offering Scratch Cards to clients inside and outside the nation and this is done in a flash. The whole buy process is mechanized and our clients have left positive surveys. This administration has been useful to Nigerians both at home and abroad. On initiating business this year



AMDb is a library of African song lyrics, videos, artist profiles and albums, all of which is built on crowd sourced data.


Introducing ZIKI *the most secure content sharing plaform yet
With Ziki you can,

  • Create and share your stories with subscribers.

  • Decide what stories you want on your feed.

  • Choose from a curated list of visually stunning themes that make your Ziki experience an extraordinary one.

  • Decide who should have access to your data.

A friend of mine tweeted about the Ziki thingy a couple of days ago

Ziki combines the best of both worlds.

some donation is needed though to keep it going.

The faster it’s built the better.

Go to ziki.hng.tech/#


Great work guys, lets keep the posts coming in


GoSquare is an on-demand logistics application for businesses to request nearby dispatch riders to fulfil deliveries.

Our services are launching soon. https://instagram.com/gosquareng


Introducing Yuli Interior, a Home Decor company. We develop, design and sell choice home decor pieces that caters to the style conscious customer who seeks the best in quality products at affordable prices. Our products are unique within the Home Decor Market in Nigeria and can be customized to meet your needs. Presently, more than 75 percent of our products are produced and assembled locally by us. In the future, we have plans to make it a 100 percent. With our growing inventory of home accessories and decor, we are experts at turning your home into a masterpiece.
‘We are home decor you love’ that’s our tagline:grinning:



JaraCash offers cashback for online purchases at selected stores in Nigeria. Cashback offers are also available for major estores worldwide.

JaraCash combines online coupons, deals and cashback to ensure you get the best deal possible when shopping online. The cashback amount is always a percentage of your purchase price. Stores that offer cashback through JaraCash include Jumia, Konga, AliExpress, Kilimall and lots more. Cashback ranges from 1-40% depending on the store.

We do not charge any annual fees and registration is free.

Our members can request for their cashback at anytime as long as it is up to the minimum threshold. Payouts are completely free and can be paid via bank transfer.



Qualwear is a made-to-measure clothing service that delivers personalised clothings at users’ convenience. Every cloth you order is carefully designed to give you all day comfort and made to last long. Free repair or replacement option available. We are currently running invite only to serve people who need the service the most. If this is something you’ve been looking for, you can get early access here - QUALWEAR Also help spread the word.


ALPHAMODA…YOUR ONE STOP SPOT for quality handmade footwears…available to be delivered in all parts of the nation…


Can we work together in the area of an efficient payment gateway?


Make use of our payment gateway to have your clients pay you using multiple payment methods. It is fast,safe and reliable…


Founder of Codewit.
Codewit Seeks to train, find jobs or seed funding for 50, 000 tech
entrepreneurs & developers in the next 10 years. We are doing this in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Lagos. Looking for partnership and ambassadors in Nigeria. I am passionate about putting Africa at the forefront of technology innovation in the world map.


@Daddymuna what’s the URL to your payment gateway?