HealthTech: Any Talented Developers (Web Apps) Interested?


Hi everyone,

I’m a medical doctor with some basic knowledge in web development technologies. I’m able to put together amazing web apps with the help of website templates, code snippets from around the internet and yes some help from stackoverflow ):

I’m sure you get my level.

I want people interested in the health space with sound skills for either frontend or backend and willing to join forces with me to develop/complete the web version of a product I’ve been working on for some time now - LongLife


The Android bit was developed for me on fiverr. What I plan is to extend the possibilities of this app on the web. I have some interesting ideas (it’s my industry slight_smile: bro).

Let’s talk if you are interested. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Holla me here:

NB: If you have worked on an Electronic Medical Record or currently on one, you might just be the one I’m looking for.



This is interesting.

Where do non-applicants go to stay informed on your progress your company’s making?