Has anyone been a lender on Fint?


Hello All,

I just registered on Fint and I am a bit sceptical of the platform. My ‘Nigerianness’ is watching out for any tell-tale signs that my money will be used to drink Vodka in Russia.

I am interested in lending but I discovered that there are very few borrowers, less than 25 in all and also, none of the borrowers on the platform today has received any funds, they are all at 0%.

Although the interest rate offered is averagely 30%, I am looking for anyone who has tried the platform and can share practical experiences



Hi, I’ve also been registered on Fint so a while now. Although, I’m yet to lend money out but one thing they do is organize financial seminars for lenders so as to know what to expect from lending cash to borrowers (expected risk & returns). You should ask when the next is coming maybe you can get heads up. Hope it helps!


Many thanks for the feedback, well appreciated. I am based in Abuja and doubt if they do such seminars here. I’ll reach out