Gbolahon Fagbure's Book: Working on a Dream: Lessons in Life and Business


Hi Guys,

I read Gbolahon’s book, Working on Dream: Lessons in Life and Business over the weekend. It was totally worth it. For those that don’t know, Gbolahon is the co founder of and former co CEO of Jumia.
Gbolahon has a straight-talking style, I have rarely seen in Nigeria where we attribute 95% of success and raison d’etre to the spiritual. His book is extremely well edited and organised. His chapters are organised on themes - hard work, time, attitudue, exposure, breaking the rules etc. so you can pick a theme and read his views on it. It makes good reading if you are just starting your career, in the middle of your career or contemplating a change or a dive into entrepreneurship.


Thanks for this review. Now i’m all agog about getting my copy.


How can I get this book


Everyone seems to be talking about this book at the moment. I got sent the manuscript by him in the early days before he published it but didn’t get to read it, probably need to go back to it now.


currently read this book… goog read so far . loving it


Good reviews here… I see this book almost every week at a store… Not sure why I dont have my copy by now.


Bought the book at Medplus a few months ago. Read it, underlined several pages. Bought a second one for a friend who wanted to borrow mine😁. I picked up a lot. Good value for money.

Well-written, very useful book. Not the typical ‘motivational speaker’ crap that is all over Nigeria now.


very good book