Gadafunds : Crowd Funding Platform To pitch ideas and Projects


We have successfully launched It is an online fund raiser and crowd funding platform. The platform is used to pitch ideas (projects, causes, products and services); maximizing your reach to the public, your relationships, contacts, community and social media networks, providing the opportunity for them to participate in contributing, donating or supporting these ideas financially.

We’d like to get your views and feedback.

Here is a link to the product page below:


A few thoughts:

  1. The video on the “How It Works” page is quite long. The mystery hand spends quite a lot of time writing out text. If you wanted to have that much text, you could create slides with the information and upload them as a pdf to the website. Consider breaking up the video or making the main video shorter.

  2. You should also consider using stock photos of black people, if your target market is Nigeria.


Hey guys, your website seems decent so my advice to you will be the following 3 things:

  1. Stop all further work on your website and focus on #2.
  2. Actually sign more people on to your platform*
  3. Please reduce your explainer video from 4mins to 2mins.

*#2 is where you have your work cut out. The navigation on the website & CTA buttons are clear enough, so the first thing anyone will check is the ‘Explore’. If I was thinking of fundraising on your platform, I want to see others (just like me), who have fund raised successfully. It’s that simple.

for #3 I think you guys just crammed too much info. Remember that it’s meant as an ‘explainer’ not ‘lecture’ video. Just be concise and forget about winning an Oscar this time.

Finally, I guess you guys have validated (at least enough to deem it worth a shot) the Kickstarter idea for our side of the world, so all the best executing it. Looks like you will need it.


very interesting about the video…at first I thought it was me just being pedantic


Nope, I don’t think you were being pedantic. It was definitely too long for me.


@PapaOlabode thanks a lot. We are currently working on that #2 ,just needed to hear from you guys before i explode the PR. and for the explainer i will work on that. And about the other people that have raised through the platform, it is just launched and we av not yet raised any funds or av any successful campaign on the platform


@yoowai thanks alot. I will work on it. and get back to you.


Nice business model. Like @PapaOlabode and @yoowai have mentioned, reduce the video.

So think Problems then Solution as provided by Gadafunds, that will give you the 2mins you need. Nothing more should be added if not, you will lose your audience.


I understand. Only that this is 98% of the work. Not saying you should fake it (eg reddit’s beginning), but the need for '‘social proof’ for a ‘crowdfunding’ platform is just too great. Without solving it in some way, assume you’ve finished your website and not yet ‘launched’.


This is a welcome addition to the tech startup space. I have a different twist to the UI and functionality hiccups discussed by the thread. This will work in Nigeria if perhaps you can take into consideration the Nigerian factor to tech, startups and apps.

An average Nigerian will ask ‘what is in it for me?’. ‘Why should I use my money to support you?’. ‘Who are you to me that I should give you my money to start a business?’ Even when an idea is novel or socially-beneficial, Nigerians only support or get involved with people they know and can directly or indirectly benefit from. This might sound like an over-generalised stereotype, but it is sadly true.

My solution and recommendation is that there should be an option of a ‘reward system’ in place. So for people who wants to benefit something from their ‘hard-earned’ money, look into the option of actually working with startups to ‘crowd-raising’ equity from people who are interested.

I am open to more opinion on this. If you guys can look at this and other areas to tighten you business model, then you will succeed


wish you the best, you got pretty good advice from the comments, especially @PapaOlabode and again cut the video to max 2 mins or less.


It’s the chicken and egg problem. How do you prove to people that your platform works without having successfully raised money for projects? And vice versa. I think this is what you have to concentrate on offline. By that I mean go around to places and see what type of projects, which need funding, would fit your crowdfunding platform then organize a fundraiser for them for free and get them funded. That way you solve one part of the problem. It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll have these newly funded projects evangelizing for you. The hard work is offline. Best of luck.


@anwaukoni thanks for the advice and fact. @lawwyy thanks for backing @PapaOlabode. @wontiboje I think i understand you clearly. we are aware of the Nigerian factor thats why the model is still in its infact stage we will definately pivoting to the actual model that would work for Nigerians and your advise is a valid one.