Funds stuck in Barter card wallet....Help!


Hello Radarians,
Few days ago i tried to use a virtual card from to make an online transaction but was declined by several merchants. I got fed up, terminated the card and transferred the USD back to NGN wallet, hoping to withdraw the funds from there back into my bank account. However, i tried for over 5 hours to move the funds back to my account but i kept getting error messages. After contacting support, i was informed that the reason i kept getting errors was because i chose “Access Mobile” instead of “Access Bank” as my bank in the settings page (I have to mention that “Access Mobile” was used when i deposited the funds initially). I was requested to send my phone number, IDs and Banking Details for verification and a promise to help me change the bank setting to “Access Bank” from their back-end (since it can only be entered once from the customer’s portal). It’s been over twenty hours since i opened the ticket and sent my details but nothing has been done to correct it from their end. I’ve also tried calling their customer number today but it’s been switched off. I’m writing here with the hope that any Flutterwave/Barter staff here would be able to offer some assistance. Thanks for your time

THANKS Y’ALL. It’s been fixed