Fivor, fake interview invites detector


Hey guys!

I just built Fivor, Fivor was created to help job applicants in Nigeria detect fake interview invites from gnld companies and their likes.


  1. copy your interview invite text message /email.
  2. Paste it on Fivor.
  3. Click the “detect” button

Fivor will tell you whether the interview invite is fake or not.

The URL is ->


Nice concept. Tried it with random words and still got a response saying " It seems like a genuine invite"… I believe the platform is still being worked on


Thank you for checking it out. Yes, I am still working on detecting valid/invalid invites(random words)


good Idea, but there needs to be more info on the site on how it works.
I put in a genuine interview invite/ JD and it detected it as fake.


@Engrtitus I think it would be better if the platform reports “Likely to be fake/Probably genuine”, as opposed to saying definitively, “Fake/Genuine”. You might also want to add a disclaimer of sorts.


@Yevandy I agree. @Engrtitus this part had me cracking up “Don’t be a victim of scammers, ritualists and time wasters.” :joy:


@Engrtitus just tried out your site, with a sample fake interview that was actually received by someone and “it responded it is likely a genuine interview” , so I have to say your algorithm needs a lot of tweaking… And at this point I believe you should follow @Diakon advice and add a disclaimer


Thank you. I will work on that.

That’s strange, can you PM me the content of the interview invite?


Kindly PM me the interview invite you pasted there.