Facebook x CoLab Bot Party on the 25th of March (If you are in Kaduna or environs, come through!)


For many years Facebook has been promoting innovation across the Middle East and Africa, providing startups with the tools they need to build, grow, monetize, and measure. CoLab Kaduna is having a Bot Party is aimed at preparing developers in Kaduna & environs for the Bots for Messenger Challenge, a contest to recognize and reward developers who are able to create the most innovative new bots on Messenger in (i) the Middle East and North Africa; and (ii) Sub-Saharan Africa across one of these three categories:

  1. Gaming and Entertainment
  2. Productivity and Utility
  3. Social Good

If you are interested, and in the zone, please RSVP here. There are very limited spaces and you will have to be on the list to get in.



This portion of Facebook’s spiel is debatable, seeing as exactly 0% of the money actually belongs to the developer. Ultimately, it’s a ploy to increase the ubiquitousness of Messenger bots.