Facebook will be providing WiFi in Naija. Will you use it?


From TechCabal:

ExpressWifi is a Facebook initiative that gives mobile device owners in underserved communities access to fast and affordable internet service through partnerships with local internet service providers. Facebook is also providing a software that’ll help ISPs and entrepreneurs sell or provide internet with a 15% commission on each data sale. It’s already live in India and seems to be doing better than Free Basics did over there.

Set to launch officially in Lagos some time this week, Express Wifi hotspots will have service speeds of 10Mbps with plans ranging from as low as N40 for 100MB daily to N1,600 for 5GB monthly. The Express Wifi hotspots are already live in some parts of Lagos – Ikota Shopping Complex, for instance – and will be rolled out to other parts of Nigeria as soon as the entire Lagos State is taken care of.


So from this, they won’t just be doing Free Basics, they’ll allow you to use fast (no one knows how fast) internet on your mobile in Lagos (and outside Lagos). Internet connections are going to explode. Question is - will you use it? How can you take advantage for your business? Ideas abeg.


Saw a Facebook WiFi network at Sabo the other day. Was open and saw their small shop as well. Will use it if it’s cheap and reliable


what’s the effect on the local economy???

How much will FB be paid???

Nothing is free, this is just like shoprite getting a huge percentage of the economy just bcos Nigeria has incompetent leaders…


Methinks they shouldn’t have started from covering “the entire Lagos State”, then.


That does it. I am moving to Lagos.


Hmmm,…Well i will use it but it must be Fast, partnering with same Local ISPs tho makes me worry, because its based on Location, some areas the ISPs Spectranet,Smile,Swift and Co are Fast and the best thing since hot sliced cake in some areas they are horrible, how do they plan to mitigate downlink and provide equal coverage per area? Im sure using the wifi service will create a clickbait tingy via Ads on Facebook et al or is it just going to be Free witjhout Ads? i doubt tho.

In any case Im going to try Ikota Shopping Complex this weekend to see.