Ekaette Services. Why? What? When?


I just arrived at the party folks. Forgive me.

I just have one sentence of thought: Doing business in Nigeria is already very difficult, why add ethnic bias to that list?

Trust me, irrespective of the idea, you will never understand how I feel right now seeing the name Ekaette being used once again in this context. Cross River and Akwa Ibom people have a combined population of over 8 million people and more than 5 million people in diaspora, many of them influencers. I wish you good luck as you begin to explain to each of them why you decided to name your personal errand assistance Ekaette.


On a lighter note, use my name and when anybody asks you, tell them you have Bola’s permission to use it.

Back to the matter, if I were you I wouldn’t change the name just yet… Coast with it and see if there will be any major back lash. Ride on the noise and convert it to a rebranding PR when things get really bad.

When it gets bad…
Do some media to defend the name for a while, just to fan the fire small.
After 1 month apologize for the ill feelings, be repentant and sober.
Organise a rebranding contest for potential users to help with renaming and rebranding. Give out prizes to the participants.
Give all those who are tribally offended by the name some 20% discount promo code as compensation for the disrespect.

All the while this is going on, work super hard at providing your customer with super customer service.

You will thank me when you are done

Remember, no publicity is bad publicity.

Caveat: get a good spin guy to manage this process cos you will most likely get burnt doing it yourself.

If you are not bold enough, change the name and stop arguing…


I meant users. If his users don’t give a hoot about the name (like Yahoo, Yelp, Google, and other such esoteric names), no need for him to change, err, re-brand.

That was factored into this

The majority of his userbase would/may not be on Radar.


Bro, his users obviously don’t “give a hoot”, or they wouldn’t be users. The people who are offended by the name are not going to become users. Those are the guys he needs to find out from.


Lo!l Have you done this before? If we do stick with the name, I might just have them contract you as a member on the spin team.


You’re right. When new users contact us, they just want their tasks completed. None of the users have mentioned anything about the name; surprisingly enough, some don’t even know what the name has been associated with over the years. Still leaning towards rebranding though.


This is actually very brilliant


If these people aren’t either users or part of his target market, he doesn’t need anything from them.

Everyone has the fundamental human right to take offence. :smile:



Not blowing my horn, I am a Team on my own. What boys call One man MOPOL. :sunglasses:

Bro, I have done stuff… Real life stuff under the radar… A different place and a different time, I will tell you more.

Seriously, If you go the suggested route, I will not be able to help. I have my own problems. But, I can recommend some great guys.

Seriously, ride the wave.


LOL! You sound like the leader of the “bad gang” my mother asked me not to join/follow back in school. I definitely look forward to hearing more though.

On a more serious note, this wave you’re suggesting we ride is sounding like a tidal wave. We wouldn’t want to burn resources in the equipment required to ride this wave.

Anyway, a decision will be made very soon. Will keep you guys updated.

Thanks for the input. Greatly appreciated.


I’m a very good bad guy.:100:

I would have love to expantiate on the truck load of things you would be addressing via the campaign I proposed, but I got my own hustle to look after. If you can do the tie in, I will list them below.

Press Releases
Articles/ Op-eds
Sales Promotion
Free Advertising
User Acquisition
User Education on Product
User Experience
Market Penetration
Stakeholders Engagement
Publicity for Key Staff in your organisation… CEO etc.
Improved Service Delivery
More sales… More money…
Etcetera, Etceteras Ayaf tried… :sweat:

The suggested route is the cheapest route that can deliver all I mentioned and many more.

Whichever way you go still, I wish you nothing but the best.:+1:


But the name “Alfred” has not been associated with houseboys historically, so in the case of helloalfred.com, it’s just a virtual personal assistant named Alfred.

Naming a Virtual Errand Girl (Personal assistant) Ekaette seems to carry on a long held negative Nigerian stereotype that associates the name with errand/slave girls.

So you can at least understand why anyone named Ekaette would be offended.


Here you go, folks.

Voices were heard…
Changes were made…
People were fired (Jk, no one was fired, but it sounds dramatic and interesting)…
And now we’re here…

Thank You.



Olu assistant? Chai, let me find a meme

I don’t think you’ve won over the Ekaette defenders now or found love with the rest of us.

You guys should have simply launched a new line of assistant along side and let Ekaette run her course. If the latter fails as a result of the cultural backlash the other swoops in heroically.

Olu assistant. Sounds…flat.

Good luck, still.


Yes. For now.

Thank you.



I think this rebrand was totally unnecessary.


I understand.


I totaly understand why you changed the name - but perhaps a better tact would have been to nominate 4 or 5 different names and let your audience help you choose / narrow down…


Yeah that might have been a decent way to do it. We just decided to use this name as it’s a derivative from the parent company. Might not sound fantastic now, but it’ll grow on people.

According to some users, they “don’t care what the name is, as long as we keep providing great service”. Lol