'Effectiv Business Accounting' from Asom Services


Hi Guys, Am Alfred and I created a Startup : Asom Services, My Our Product is a Business and Accounting Software which we called
###'effectiv ’ Business Accounting This the Enterprise version online, Feel free to use it

Mobile version (Android and iOS) are in development

The software has various versions (Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise) and is deployed as a service for interested customers. We are looking for good Sales Manager / Marketing Exec. that will help in Selling the Product.

use the following login:
for Branch Manager Acc , userid & password use = ritaachebe
for Sale Person Acc, userid & password use = sales-point1 Or sales-point2
for Inventory Manager Acc, userid & password use = inventory1 Or inventory2

Here is My Email Address : alfredcsdinc@gmail.com

For Developers

: If your good with .NET framework programming, C# ASP.NET MVC, RESTful Architechural design, and a basic knowledge of Financial Accounting programming, Profession Report Design patterns using SQL Server Reporting (local reporting preferable) please contact us as well.

##JavaScript Ninjas
Knowledge of Angular Js, or Angular 5 and good Javascript Component design also contact us


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