eAlert.js - A beautiful alternative to JavaScript's "alert". Perfect for background task notifications



Hello. I would like to introduce the house to a simple javascript alert designed by me and is available to the public for free under the MIT License. eAlert is a simple alert for web applications and websites using just css and js.

Once, while developing a web app, I needed a way to show to a user that a function is being executed in the background without distracting the user’s attention from the app and there was no notification to the best of my knowledge that can show a small sized and beautiful notification to the user, so I designed my own solution. Its been an addition to any web app I am building since then and I wanted to share it incase anyone would need something like this.

I created a GitHub repo for the project with instructions on how to use it.


The new update is live to give eAlert a modern look. Continuously, new appearance customisations will be added and support. Feel free to drop an issue on the GitHub page and also check the GitHub for new update